Friday, 18 May 2012

A reason for blogging

Some people blog to promote their writing and I’ve mentioned before that I wouldn’t have got the commission to write my Children’s History of Leicester had it not been for this blog.

Some people blog because they’ve got something to say and want to spread their words far and wide and you only have to check your stats to see how well blogs can do 'far and wide'. Here is a copy of my stats graph showing the location of this week's visitors:
United Kingdom – 264
United States – 203
Germany – 39
Russia – 36
Netherlands – 16
Canada – 13
France – 13
Australia – 8
South Africa – 5
Japan – 4

It’s pretty much the same each week, give or take a few countries, and I often wonder who these visitors are, why they came, and whether they found what they were looking for.

I did have a specific reason for setting up this blog and it wasn’t to promote my writing. It was to see if I could find others whose lives have been affected by Amyloidosis, by chemotherapy treatments and stem cell transplants. It’s not that we never meet other Amyloidosis sufferers. We go each year to the Amyloidosis Awareness Day run by Myeloma UK and Mr A has to have a two-day check-up twice a year at the specialist unit at London’s Royal Free Hospital so we get the chance to compare symptoms and treatments but I still feel the need to talk with others who understand when I ramble on about Lambda and Kappa Free Light Chains, Nephrotic Syndrome, Amyloid loads, not to mention all the drugs.

Mr A was diagnosed with Amyloidosis in 2008. I began my blog in 2009 and my first ever blog post says it all really. My blog writing style and presentation may have changed but unfortunately the Amyloidosis hasn’t. The levels were knocked back by the stem cell transplant in 2010 but we’re anxious that they’re starting to rise again. Maybe it’s a blip. Maybe things will stabilise once more but if anyone reading this is having similar experiences, we’d love to hear from you. Somehow, every now and then, it just helps to share the load.

... And that's my reason for blogging. What's yours?


  1. I do hope you have found all the support you need, Ros - this is the best possible reason for blogging.

    I'm just playing - I like writing, and it was what everyone was going, and I found it was fun. Makes me a bit of a fraud beside you - I do hope things stabilise.

  2. Hope things level out. That's a long time to be fighting.
    Why do I blog? Well, my husband is quite deaf and I needed someone to talk to.

  3. I hope it's just a blip too, keeping my fingers crossed. Don't you see your one little visitor from Portugal?

  4. I blog to connect with a community and to obtain support for my projects.

  5. Well rod;'s illness was why you stardte, but look what it's developed into!

    I love reading it! why did I start blogging though? After all I write all day at work....actually you know why!ANd prodded /kicked me up the posterior in the right direction......

  6. My goodness, that's scary. I hope those levels go back down. My reason for blogging changes depending on what I'm going through in my life.

    My original purpose was to have a place to store my stuff where other people could read it if they chose, but it has been evolving. When I figure out it's official purpose, I'll let you know. ;)

  7. I wish your husband all the best.

    I started blogging because everyone else was doing it :-)

  8. Well, I started to network with bloggers and talk about writing, but that got kinda old and repetitive. I still talk about writing, it's a huge thing in my life, but now it's all about connecting with people period. No mater over what. I like friends.

  9. I hope Mr A's numbers settle again really soon!

    I started blogging when I first thought about aiming towards publishing my writing. I wanted to learn about the journey and meet with other writers who were taking that path with me. So far, so good! :)

  10. I hope your husband's levels stabilize again. It must be very stressful for both of you.

    I "thought" I started blogging to establish a so-called "platform" to support my writing, but it's morphed into something much more wonderful. It's turned into a place for making connections with other people.

  11. These comments are my first attempt at using my new iPad. It's taking some getting used to so please excuse any mistakes!

    Hi Jo don't get me wrong. I love playing too and yes, it is fun.

    Hi Delores, thanks and I love your reason. It made me laugh!

    Hi Susan, thanks. So that's one of the countries accounted for!

    Hi Michael, I hope you get the support. It's an amazing place for support I find.

    Hi Bridget you're right. My blog has moved on but I don't want to lose touch with it's origin. Are you suggesting that I forced you into this world? Well maybe I nudged you a little but it was a kindly nudge.

    Hi Angela, I suppose mine is constantly evolving too and thanks for the kind wishes.

    Hi Gwen, yes I blog less about actual writing these days and more just chat... But it is still writing after all!

    Hi Jemi, thanks and I'm glad you're getting writing support as well as being a good Blogger friend.

    Hi Susan, thanks and you're not the only one who has discovered this wonderful world of friendship!

  12. Blogging is just fun and rewarding on many levels! I love it.

  13. Hi Ros .. I'm just glad that Rod's condition was helped a little nearly two years ago - and I too sincerely hope the rise is a blip.

    I blogged about the things my mother and I discussed (or would have) .. eclectic articles that interested her/us .. and it continues thus.

    A more settled blog now - but just as eclectic!!

    I just love learning about aspects that I probably wouldn't find out about in general life .. Cheers - Hilary

  14. I read this earlier and was so caught up in reading your very first posts that I forgot to comment. I hope this is just a blip for Mr A, its a lot to contend with. I started my blog last August because I have always wanted to write but could never seem to make up stories so I wrote about what I know and your blog started me off.I read your advice on writing memories nd thought," I can do that" so basically ,It's your fault.Ha ha ..

  15. It was blogging itself that first taught me why I was blogging - if you follow me.
    I started blogging to talk about life as a writer in Israel, then I realised that readers who were interested in life in Israel weren't particularly interested in writing and there were readers who wanted information on writing and didn't really care where I lived.

    So that's why I started my second blog Writing in Jerusalem
    which deals only with writng issues.

  16. I'm sorry about your husband's Amyloidosis. I I never realized he had it.

  17. I'm so sorry to read about your husband, I wish him the best and hope the rising levels are nothing but a blip.

    It is so interesting to see visitors from so many countries, isn't it? Like you, I always wonder about them. I started to blog as a dare to myself really, I wanted to push myself to do something different. I never expected to love it the way I do!

  18. I'm sorry that your husband's condition is a constant worry.
    He is so fortunate to have you looking out for him, and I hope that more progress is made in his treatments. I started blogging, because I wanted to start writing again after both of my kids went off to college. Julie

  19. Fingers crossed for Mr A. I went away for a few days. Otherwise you'd have had another country there - not that it would have made a difference to the map.

    I started writing to raise awareness of social anxiety. I began my blog when I realised I could start doing that before being published. ~Miriam


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