Sunday 6 March 2016

Hospital and Pneumonia

So I haven't returned with flowers in my hair. Neither do I have a spring in my step. Last weekend I landed up in hospital with pneumonia and acute sinusitis. I was sent home with strong antibiotics, liquid morphine and strict instructions to do absolutely nothing for at least two weeks.

My temperature had shot up. I had such a severe pain in my head that I could neither open my eyes nor speak. A taxi took me to the hospital walk-in clinic. I arrived with the clothes I stood up in. Within half an hour I had been admitted to A&E, had a cannula in my arm with saline drip, antibiotics and liquid painkillers rushing into my blood stream. From there I was moved to an acute infections ward.

Everything they say about Leicester's Royal Infirmary is true. There are too many patients and too few members of staff but the treatment I received was rapid and precise and that's all you need in circumstances like that. That no one had time to get me a nightie or a pillow for many hours is not important.

The meds have kicked in enough now for me to be able to focus my eyes on this screen, at least for a little while at a time. As for doing nothing for two weeks, yes, I know it sounds attractive... if only I didn't feel so ill.