Thursday 28 July 2022

Moving On

When I was a primary school teacher we used to sing a song called Moving On with the top class each year before they left for the big school. It always made me fight back the tears. I've been humming it to myself this last week and this is why:

Book Launch: (To purchase a copy please visit the website.)

After six months of solid hard work producing the new book, I have spent the last month catching up on life and preparing for the book launch of Sharing Our Heritage. The launch took place this week at Leicester's New Walk Museum. I was anxious. 

  • Would anyone turn up? 
  • Would the book be well received? 
  • Would we all be able to avoid Covid long enough to attend?
Thankfully all went well. We restricted the numbers for Covid safety and were just a few short of our declared maximum. The attendees were enthusiastic about the book and had lots of interesting questions to ask. At the end of the session, tea and nibbles were consumed amid a buzz of chatter. The only thing we forgot to do was take photographs!

Time to Move on:

Or maybe it's time to move back. I have a file full of half finished poems desperate to escape the dusty depths of my computer and fly off into the world of poetry magazines. I've had the piano tuned and am actively seeking a piano teacher (I've tried setting my own agenda but I just don't play the thing if I have no lesson to prepare for!) I may decide to nurture another hobby/activity but as yet I haven't decided what it will be. I am feeling rather 'demob happy'.

Buying a Book:

There's information a-plenty on the previous blog post about the new book so I'll just add that if you'd like to buy a copy of Sharing Our Heritage then please contact the Centre Manager at the Synagogue on centremanager (at)

Sharing Good News:

Last but definitely not least I'd like to report that last week I became a great grandmother to the most beautiful twin boys you've ever seen (not that I'm biased). And yes, I agree with you. I am definitely too young to be a great grandmother... or so I keep telling everybody!