Friday 4 May 2012

Hog Bed and Breakfast

We've had another hog come to visit. Last month it was Phyllis the Groundhog who had arrived as part of her World Tour that Susanna Hill had organised. Yesterday it was quite a different little hog. Mr A was delighted.

"He's just what we need in the garden!" he said. "He'll eat all the slugs and snails before they can eat our hostas. Don't scare him off!"

So I went out and took his photograph...

...but I think he was a bit camera shy because he ran away. Sorry Mr A. Sorry hostas.

I may be some time... *last seen rummaging around in bushes looking for cute little hedgehog*

On Monday, 7th May I'll be joining the A to Z bloggers giving my feedback on the experience. Now let me see. What did I think of it? And while we're at it, what did YOU think of it?