Monday, 21 May 2012

Practice makes perfect

This is my first ever blog post generated by my new iPad so if there are any problems please blame Apple and not me. [Mr A says I'm grumpy when I have new things. I suspect it's that 'control freak' syndrome. It won't do what I tell it to do!]  I've even used the iPad to take and insert photos so while I experiment and learn, here are some photos of Mr A's vegetable garden. The photos aren't brilliant but I hope to get better at it. Practice makes perfect.

Which is why Mr A is brilliant at gardening. During this last month he's planted out potatoes, peas, green beans, broad beans, celariac, mini sweetcorn and carrots which are under the white mesh. He spends a lot of time out there as you can see!


... so do the cats. They follow him down the garden and watch with mild interest. I think they're really waiting for the robin to appear. Our garden has produced two lots of robin babies this year and now there are blackbirds in the yew hedge. I do hope the cats behave. They've been very good so far... except for the live mouse that took up residence under the piano at the weekend having no doubt been brought in by one or both of the girls. Butter wouldn't melt!



  1. Very impressed with the neatness of Mr A's veg patch. It makes my allotment look like a scene from a disaster movie.

    If he's bored I have more work for him..

    As for you with you I pad swanky.I haven't even got the original i pad, laptop or anything!

    Don't worry though Ros, with your tenacity, you'll have it licked into shape in no time.

  2. Well done. I can write a post from mine but it won't let me edit it comes out gobbledygook if I go into edit. I love the veg patch I'm rubbish at gardening but would love to be good at it.

  3. Taking pictures with the iPad is awesome because the view screen is so huge. I love it.

  4. I'm jealous of all those fresh veggies. My fingers are definitely not green, so I have to wait for my dad to overplant something!

  5. Nicely done. Good for you for trying something new! My husband keeps telling me I can use his ipad but I really have no interest. My good ole desktop computer and I go way back.

    Your hubby's garden looks lovely. My husband is spending a lot of time out in the garden as well.

  6. I would love an Ipad, I enjoyed the post and the pics of the cats are adorable.


  7. That garden looks very neat and tidy. And the kitties are really cute. I would like more pictures of them, please. I also want to thank you for your kind words on Angel's passing. I appreciate your friendship very much. Good luck with the new tool. I am very much the same with new technical stuff. I don't have much patience.

  8. The iPad TAKES pictures??? Who knew? (Probably everyone but me...)

    Great pics. We had a veggie garden when the kids were little - now there's a garage in that place. Hope Mr A has a good growing season coming up!

  9. I'm so impressed - both with your iPad skills and Mr A's veges. Seems you are both had fun.

  10. Mr. A's veggie garden looks amazing! Enjoy your new iPad! Julie

  11. that is an impressive veg patch. wish i had a garden too! great post and I'm amazed you wrote it on an ipad:)
    PS love the kitties!


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