Monday, 28 May 2012

Did you say "When Dreams Come True?" Gulp!!

Today is the launch day for Rebecca Emin’s book, When dreams come true 

Rebecca tweeted last month asking if any of us would like to post up a blog about our dreams to celebrate today's launch.

"What a brilliant idea!" I tweeted back and I know I'm not the only one. There's a whole list of us and you can visit other people's dream blogs via Rebecca's blog at Ramblings of a Rusty Writer or at her Facebook Page where there will be give-aways and all sorts of exciting book launch events. 

So I sat down to write my dreams-come-true blog and that was when the full realisation of the title hit me. Would I really want my dreams to come true? No thanks! *shudders*

For those of you who know me well, it will come as no surprise to learn that I often have disturbing dreams. Mum used to put it down to my lively imagination. I can still remember some of those dreams from when I was a little girl... far too vividly for my liking. There was one in particular where a fire engine was chasing me along our street and down the entry [narrow passage] between our house and next door. I still twitch when I see a fire engine, even after all these years, and I do hope that that dream never comes true.

And please, please don’t let my current recurring dream ever come true! It’s the same thing night after night. A drone plane is seeking me out. It has orders to kill me. It appears over the tops of tall buildings. I’m running but can’t get away and as it starts firing at me I wake up. 
*wipes damp palms down t-shirt*

If I were Freud I'd understand these dreams. I'd interpret their meanings and even learn something about myself but I’m not. Any interpretations anybody?... No?... Oh well, in the meantime do visit Rebecca’s blog, or better still, buy her fabulous new book When Dreams Come True. You can download it now by clicking on this Smashwords link and here is the blurb:
Charlie is happiest when biking with Max and Toby, or watching films with Allie. But when Charlie reaches year nine (age 13), everything begins to change. As her friends develop new interests, Charlie's dreams become more frequent and vivid, and a family crisis tears her away from her friends. How will Charlie react when old family secrets are revealed? Will her life change completely when some of her dreams start to come true?


  1. An excellent post to read Rosalind, also thanks for the link.

    Have a great day.


  2. Well now - I used to tell my children that after they'd told me their bad dreams they wouldn't come back. It worked for them, so maybe now you've told me yours, you will be rid of them too!

  3. Ha ha! Yes even I know it would be like you to have those sorts of dreams. If I were dreaming like that I would be scared to go to sleep. What kind of books are you reading woman?

  4. Oh Rosalind this is priceless - the photos are brilliant!

    I had a horrible dream as a child that someone tied my Mum up and threw her in a swimming pool. My Mum can't swim so of course I tried to run off to a phone box to call for help and I couldn't move. I will never forget that dream...

  5. Obviously what I should have said above is thank you so much for taking part in the launch party!

  6. Congratulations to Rebecca on the new book!

    Rosalind, maybe you need a new before-bed ritual??? Oh how I hate nightmares. I would be desperate to stop those!

  7. What an interesting dream! You should try writing it down. it might chase it away. To get a song out of my head, I try singing a different one. it usually works.

    Happy dreaming Rosalind and Rebecca *clink*

  8. Hi Ros .. great post - so applicable to Rebecca's book .. congratulations on her book though - perhaps you could change your dreams to success for your blogging friends' books - and they do come true!

    Have fun - cheers Hilary

  9. Hi, Ros. As you know, I'm not blogging anymore, but I do lurk around old friends blogs on occasion. Also, you sent me an email some time ago, to which I'm about to respond, and decided to drop by here. This book sounds fascinating. As for dreams: yours reminds me of a recurring childhood one where I would be walking up winding stairs, knowing there's *something* sinister at the top. The anxiety builds as I climb...and then I wake up. Or the dream where I'm trying to find my childhood house and can't. Or every house I walk into, it bursts into flames. I think in Freudian terms these are just that: anxiety dreams. What in the world is lurking in our subconscious!? (I read a lot of Freud in my late teens; immersed myself in his Interpretation of Dreams. Now I think I would laugh at some of what he says, but I found it very interesting at the time.

  10. I very remember my dreams, even the really vivid ones. I only remember I had one... so I'm probably not best placed to take part in this blogfest!

    Perhaps the plane in your dream symbolises great success or a lottery win? And you keep running away? Turn around and face it :-)

  11. Yeah, some of my night time dreams are crazy odd too. Sideways moving elevators, playscapes popping up in the middle of a rushing crowd, killer bees. But sometimes they're nice. Like magic school.

  12. Your dreams seem to be asking you to work out what you wnat to escape from. On the other hand, when I dream, I'm with happy people, friends I don't have in real life. The situations are interesting but never frightening.

  13. Hi Yvonne and thanks.

    Hi Lizy, well so far so good (fingers x)

    Hi Anne, I do try to avoid disturbing books but it's not always possible.

    Hi Rebecca, so glad you enjoyed my post. Was concerned you might think I was being a bit flippant for such an important book launch. Hope the book's going well :-)

    Hi Ruth, I do work hard at my bedtime ritual but obviously not hard enough.

    Hi Eliza, I guess I just did write it down and I have to say that so far it hasn't recurred!

    Hi Hilary, I wish I could dream success. That would be amazing, wouldn't it!

    Hi Ann, lovely to hear from your and I used to read Freud's Interpretaion of Dreams too.

    Hi Annalisa, turn round and face it!!?? Scary... but I can see where you're coming from.

    Hi Gwen, I recognise those horrids but magic school? That sounds interesting!

    Hi Francine, I like the sound of your friendly dreams. Not sure quite what it is I'm trying to escape from but I know for a fact it's not friends. They're precious, even in dreams :-)

  14. interesting post and dreams are scary or disturbing. I often have a dream with car troubles and my husband doesn't help me - uh,oh that sounds like deep issues, but actually he's great at fixing cars. The other dreams I have are always mixed up with Texas and PA (my childhood home) - characters who are never together mix it up. Whew!
    Good luck on her new book launch


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