Monday 7 May 2012

Nostalgic A to Z Reflections

26 letters!  26 posts!  26 lots of nostalgic ruminations!
But now it's over and we've been asked to say how it was for us... 

Topic: I wouldn't do the A to Z without a strong topic. I loved my topic this year, 1950/60s nostalgia. It's filled me with long lost memories and I'm still reliving them! [Living in the past, some call it!]

VisitorsLike last year, I've made some lovely new blogging friends and I've increased my blog following [always a cause for great merriment!] I received lots of great comments and I loved that I had visitors competing with each other to provide memories that I’d forgotten.

Problems: There were so many bloggers taking part in the A to Z that I almost wore my keyboard out trying visit them. At one point it was all I could do to visit those who had commented on my blog, never mind popping in to see anyone else.

I found it difficult to visit those bloggers who had chosen to post a continuing story. If I missed one day I'd literally lost the plot! And there were still people who posted long pieces and, even though they looked interesting, I couldn't spare the time to read them.

Special Request: I love the way that the A to Z brings me into contact with a multitude of bloggers but there's something extra special about meeting bloggers who have the same interests and outlooks as myself. With 1719 people taking part this year it was a bit of a fluke if we came across those 'special' bloggers. Is there any way that we can add labels to our linky next year [next year! I'm talking about next year already!] to increase the odds of meeting those special bloggie people.

Over to you, the reader: The A to Z organisers also want to hear from anyone who visited during the challenge so please share your thoughts. Did you enjoy having a blog post a day to visit? Did you get fed up of all the A to Z posts flying through your blog reader? Did you feel neglected because your usual visitors didn't have the time to pop by? 

That marks the end of another A to Z. I'm already feeling nostalgic about it all. In fact, I'm almost starting to think about next year. And before I return to normal blogging let's raise a virtual glass to all of us who survived the A to Z, and that includes blog visitors as well as participants.