Wednesday 14 March 2018

The non-desirous virus

Never mind the 'Beast from the East' (the name given to a recent cold snap in the UK). I have been, and still am, suffering from the 'non-desirous virus' or you could call it the 'flu that just grew' or to put it another way an evil attack of flu virus that has confined me to quarters for three weeks. This is week four and I'm still struggling with a cough and a great reduction in my usual energy levels. I haven't been for a swim for over four weeks and I really miss it!

So there is no new news to tell. I can talk about the comparative merits or otherwise of paracetamol as opposed to Lemsip. I can talk about the problems of wanting a hot water bottle to stop the shivers but at the same time breaking out into clammy fever-fuelled sweats... but I won't (whoops, I just did!)

Thank goodness for Messenger. My family have kept me company with chats and photos. Daughter has recently adopted ferrets. She now has three. I don't know much about ferrets but they seem to be good company and excellent entertainment. My Messenger page is full of ferret photos and videos of them tumbling over each other.

Beyond that, life has faded into pale. It's frightening how quickly I seem to have lost touch with events outside these four walls. I keep thinking of the last few years of Mum's life when she couldn't get out on her own and she kept saying that life outside was fading. I didn't understand. I hope I was suitably sympathetic.

So now I shall muster up some energy and start painting in the colours to bring my world back to life again...if only I can stay awake long enough.