Monday 29 August 2022

Poetry - Writing and Submitting

I'm slowly getting back into the world of poetry writing after the publication of my recent history book. I've updated my list of poetry publishers who accept submissions but don't expect me to pay them for reading my material. I work on the basis that if they are producing excellent magazines that people want to buy then they should be only too pleased to receive potential material. 

There is plenty of choice out there. I recently removed all the above-mentioned publishers from my list and it still sports sixty-four names - more than enough options for my current pile of poems. 

If you're looking for poetry markets then there are a number of websites that provide regular information. Here are the links to two that I often visit:

A Dreaming Skin

Publishing... and Other Forms of Insanity

Some publishers have themes which I find helpful, others ask for anything or they advise reading their magazine first to see what kind of material they prefer - which makes sense - but sometimes when I do this I end up crossing another name off my list of potential publishers because the poems in their magazine don't make sense.

Which brings me to my biggest bugbear regarding poetry. I think I am moderately intelligent so why is it that there are poetry magazines with content that - to me - is unintelligible? If anyone reading this can enlighten me then I would appreciate it. 

To read a sample of the kind of poetry I most enjoy writing, then please visit Green Ink Poetry to read my poem:

Post-War Kids

 p.s. I've just had a peep at my last blog post. I said I would book piano lessons. I haven't. They do say that making music stimulates the creative part of the brain so maybe I'd best get on with it!