Thursday, 24 May 2012

Do you take your teddy to bed?

There was a study carried out recently that said that one in six adults take their cuddly toys to bed with them. I'm not one of those one-in-six  [unless you want to include Mr A in the cuddly toy category!] so it must be you? No? So who are these teddy huggers then? Not that it's any business of mine.

Apparently the study was carried out by the QVC TV Shopping Channel. I can't help wondering who they asked. They didn't ask me. I'm never asked about any of the myriad of surveys that appear in the newspapers. They report on anything from whether you have milk delivered to your house to whether you were breast fed as a baby, but I was never one of those people who were asked, never, ever. I think I can feel an attack of deprivation coming on. *places back of hand on forehead*

To return to the teddy huggers, why would anyone want to know if I take a cuddly toy to bed with me? I certainly do have a favourite teddy. In fact, I have three favourite teddies.

I even took one on holiday with me and Mr A once, just for a joke you understand. His name is Teddy Tumpkins and he enjoyed the holiday immensely...
Teddy Tumpkins
...but he doesn't come to bed with me and even if he did, what difference would it make to anyone, especially to the people at the QVC TV Shopping Channel? And I wonder how much the study cost? And who paid for it?

OK! OK! I'm finished ranting now. *climbs down off very large soap box*


  1. I'm smiling, because I too have NEVER been asked on any survey at all. Does this mean the surveys printed are not real, or I'm not the kind of person to ask in the fist place? By the way, no teddies, MR B and Barney!

  2. It's probably a study of people who watch the shopping channel, which is why it hasn't crossed your path.

    I did join in a survey about cookers, years ago - we stalled right at the beginning. The conversation when something like this:
    Them - What is the occupation of the head of the household?
    Me - What do you mean by head of the household?
    Them - Well, what does your husband do for a living?
    We never got as far as looking at the cookers.

  3. I generally take a ted on holiday. Sometimes hotel chambermaids play games with them, putting them in poses or giving them props. Just nice to have one when away from home. Sad.

  4. I never had a teddy bear as a child, but I was not deprived. I had a beige Scottish terrier that I named Patrick. Not a very Swedish name and perhaps more Irish than Scottish, but then I was only five. He is still with me, but we don't sleep together. He and the rest of my furry friends of that kind live in a basket here in my office. So now you know. Oh, and when I smell Patrick's fur, my entire childhood comes back to me. Amazing.

  5. As a child I had a teddy that I took everywhere with me.....then he lived in a box for many many years and then I gave him away. So teddies or stuffies of any description in my bed. No one asked me either but I'm willing to bet that little bit of media hype sold a few adults a teddie.

  6. I have quite a few Daniel O Donnell teddies but I don't take them to bed.
    Enjoyed your post.

  7. I've never been asked if I took a teddy to bed. I didnt take one to bed as a child,I took my dolls.I have a large Eeyore who sits on my bed but I don't cuddle him,hubby tosses him on floor! Lol

  8. 23 and still sleep with a teddy. Mainly just because I like sleeping with something in my arms. Dad uses a pillow, I use a bear I stuffed myself.

    As for surveys, I've done quite a few and have even gotten money for it, but not a lot and never about things like this.

  9. One in six? I'm thinking of six people (including myself) and I can't imagine any of us taking a ted to bed. I don't think I ever took Orange Chops (the name of my ted as a kid) to bed actually. I also have my own Mr. A...not THE Mr. A, I mean....oh you get the picture :-)

  10. I don't actually take Betty to bed any more, but she lives in my bedroom. I shall have to post the poem I wrote about her on my blog later.
    As for surveys - presumably that one was prompted by a desire to sell teddies. Not that I'm cynical, you understand!)

  11. I have a couple of teddys hanging around my bedroom, as well as a Buzz Lightyear (not very cuddly!). My first teddy, who is slightly older than me, is stuffed in a drawer, for safe-keeping!

    Perhaps QVC are designing a range of teddys for cuddling?

  12. Hi Ros - I don't but am certain one of my brothers and his wife do .. and my mother definitely has permanently - a great boon to a terminally ill person: she can talk to him etc ..

    Surveys are strange things - I never get surveyed .. or probably 'rudely' turn them down for wasting my time while I'm in town!

    Good to see the garden is coming on and Mabel and Charlie take good photos for the ipad - excellent news .. glad you're enjoying it.

    Cheers Hilary

    Cheers Hilary

  13. I don't have a teddy, my kids take various stuffed animals to bed like a penguin or tiger but my husband is cuddly enough for me. :)

  14. I don't take a teddy to bed with me, and think I must have stopped it at a very early age, if ever I did because I have no recollection of doing so...

    I do have a bear though - Mum told me it came from Woolworth's in Leicester in 1962, and its made by Chad Valley.

  15. I don't take a teddy to bed with me, and think I must have stopped it at a very early age, if ever I did because I have no recollection of doing so...

    I do have a bear though - Mum told me it came from Woolworth's in Leicester in 1962, and its made by Chad Valley.

  16. My only teddy is my hubby too :)

    I've answered a few telephone surveys on randome things - coffee (which I don't drink, so I wasn't very helpful) and ice cream shops :)

  17. Hi Pauline, we probably don't look approachable when we're out at the shops or something.

    Hi Jo, I can well imagine the rest of the conversation. I lost my tempter recently when the Bank phoned and refused to talk to me even though we have a joint account. Actually I was livid and complained to them but that's another blog post for another day.

    Hi Jacqueline, that's hilarious. I love the thought of coming back from the beach each day to find your teddies have been doing something intriguing while you've been out.

    Hi Inger, Patrick sounds like a darling but I'm curious to know what his fur smells of!

    Hi Delores, It probably did sell a few teddies. Hmmm. Wonder if this blog post has sold one or two. Probably not.

    Hi Yvonne, I'm sorry to sound thick but what's a Danile O Donnell teddy?

    Hi Anne, but you [and hubby] know that Eeyore is there and waiting if ever you need a cuddle from him, right!?

    Hi Gwen, You're the first to say "Yes". That must surely deserve a prize of some sort but I can't quite think of one.

    Hi Susan, Orange Chops sounds like a darling.

    Hi Lizy, Looking forward to reading your Betty poem.

    Hi Annalisa, If that's the case then QVC have missed the point. ALL teddies are for cuddling!

    Hi Hilary, I hadn't thought about elderly and very ill people taking a ted to bed. That must be really therapeutic.

    Hi Kathy, kids love their beds full of teddies, don't they!

    Hi Maria, Chad Valley! Gosh, that's a name from the past. Apparently they were taken over by Pallitoy.

    Hi Jemi, if the surveys are those dreadful anonymous phone calls then it's no wonder I've never taken part. I won't answer the calls.

  18. I don't take a teddy to bed as my husband and cat take up enough space as it is! QVC probably wanted to know so they can plan this seasons lineup of products.

  19. Ha ha ha! I agree, what a weird survey!

    I don't take a teddy to bed, either, but when I was a kid I had them all lined up beside me. Now my dashingly handsome sidekick is all the teddy bear I need. ;)

  20. I never get asked to take part in a surveys either. That's probably not a bad thing with such silly surveys.

    I don't take a teddy to bed - the cat takes up enough space - although I do have a couple. When I was a child, I slept with eleven teddies and each one had to be kissed goodnight apparently. Bet my parents loved that. :)

  21. I was in hospital for a few days four years ago and a work colleague brought me a bear dressed in scrubs (from the Build a Bear Workshop). I cuddled that every night and he still sits by my bed now.

    But when I'm at home my cats and K are enough for me!


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