Tuesday, 1 May 2012

...and a Groundhog came to visit

Phew! What a month April was! *presses back of hand on forehead* A to Z blogs every day! All that nostalgia! I've really enjoyed the memories but, goodness, the schedule was gruelling, a two-week stint of flu, and right in the middle of it all I had an unusual visitor...

A groundhog came to stay!

Phyllis is a friendly little groundhog and she'd travelled all the way from the US to be with me. This was part of her world tour and to find out where else she's been click on the World Tour Badge. Having travelled so widely, Phyllis was very keen to see what Leicester was like so...
I took her for a drive round our lovely City...
We stopped at Victoria Park but I was surprised when she refused to go for a walk.
      "It's going to storm," she said. "We'd better go home."
Knowing Phyllis as well as I do, I believed her and sure enough, as soon as we got home...

To find out more about Phyllis and her uncanny weather-forecasting skills which come to light in her latest book April Fool, Phyllis! pop along to Susanna Leonard Hill's website. It's where Phyllis lives.

As for me, Phyllis has gone home, the A to Z is over and I'm going to get back to my work-in-progress. It's been badly neglected. I might even blog about it some time soon.


  1. The challenge was great sorry you had flu during it,
    This was good to read have a Happy May.


  2. Thank you for having Phyllis to visit! It was so kind of you to play hostess, especially in the midst of this very busy month. I'm sure she had a fabulous time with you! Rest up after A to Z - congrats on making it to the finish line :)

  3. Wow! Phyllis is so "right on" when it comes to that weather forecasting, isn't she? It sounds like you have a wonderful visit.

  4. Phyllis's weather forecasting is uncannily accurate, although I don't know why I seem surprised by that.

    When I discovered your blog in the A to Z Challenge, I confess I didn't realize you were connected with this community! (I wonder how I missed that?)

    Sounds as though Phyllis had a great time with you. She's a delight, isn't she?

    Beth Stilborn

  5. I wanted to get to you yesterday but I ran out of steam, in fact I fell asleep with the computer on my lap. Great job, special nostalgia, and we did it again. I didn't know you were sick during April too. I was down for over a week with that bad neck/back. Who needs extra stress, huh?

  6. Looks like Phyllis had a good time! :)

  7. You survived then! Wasn't that a challenge and a half.
    Phyllis looks a very interesting character, she'll have a few tales to tell when she's done touring I'm sure.

  8. Hi Rosalind! The A to Z Challenge was quite an experience. It was lots of fun. It was a great way to meet some wonderful people.

  9. You did it -- the A - Z challenge -- in spite of everything.


  10. Oh poor Phyllis, foiled by the British weather! :)

  11. Sorry I didn't stop in during the A to Z Challenge. There were so many blogs!

    Love the well-traveled Phyllis. I wonder if she's met Punksatony Phil. He's our groundhog weather predictors here in the US.

    Thank you for visiting the Write Game and commenting about our shared Mum experience. Very hard, isn't it?


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