Sunday, 3 April 2011

I was on the radio

The following is, as promised, one of my regular chatty blogs. If you’re here as part of the A to Z Challenge then please visit my previous blog.

Last Friday BBC Radio Leicester, invited me in to record a piece for their afternoon chat show. They wanted to talk to me about my new children’s book, a Children’s History of Leicester, and our book launch which will take place at The Reading Shop, Oadby on 16th April (more about that later). 

I’ve been on Radio Leicester before but it’s still terrifying. I tried being rational. They’re not going to trip me up. It’s Rupal Rajani and her chatty programme. And it’s not live so we can stop if I say something ridiculous. And besides, I’m going to be talking about my favourite subject, my writing. Why should I possibly be nervous?

But as usual my body wouldn’t listen. I paced and practiced and got myself into quite a state but then, as always seems to happen on these occasions, I was fine when it came to doing it. I sat down in the studio and started chatting away as if I was having coffee with a friend.

Rupal Rajani in her recording studio

All too soon the interview was over and I was striding back to the car, proud of the way I’d managed to remain calm in the face of a mass of microphones.

The chair where I sat with all those microphones staring at me

I was just negotiating the car around a protruding kerb at the entrance to the car park when the voice on the car radio (which of course was tuned to Radio Leicester) issued a quick ‘later today’ item and it was my name... on BBC radio... I drove straight over the kerb. Clunk! Not as calm as I thought I was, huh?

If you’d like to hear my interview then you can find it at with 5 days left to listen. It’s about 35 minutes into the 1st April programme.



  1. Glad the saltpetre man doesn't come digging up my kitchen before Pesach - great interview Ros and you didn't sound at all nervous.

  2. Hi Ann, and thanks. Can you imagine a saltpetre man digging up anyone's kitchen at any time of the year? Mind you, he'd scrape away all those old chometz crumbs for you! ;-)

  3. Hello Ros, I was able to listen to your radio interview. I now know what you sound like...I loved it when you laughed! You sounded very relaxed and the books sounds wonderful. Wishing you great success with it! Hugs x

  4. Thanks Pauline, isn't all this technology strange. You and Ann (from comment above) living so many, many, many miles away and listening to my voice. :-))

  5. I don't know where they are, but I'm many miles away and also enjoyed the interview very much. Well done! I'm also enjoying reading about Leicester in your A-Z posts.


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