Friday 1 April 2011

A to Z of Leicester: My First Quadragintal Blog

A to Z Blogging Challenge:  
A quadragintal blog is exactly 40 words in length (the photos helped me to cheat a little!)

A is for Abbey Park

I spent my teenage years hanging round the boating lake, wandering the paths, strolling over the bridge and walking by the river. I never thought about the name, never connected it to the ruins, never heard a single Abbots’ prayer.


Path through the Chinese Garden

Bridge over Chinese garden water

Boating lake (not yet open for the summer)

Ruins of the Abbey

An unusual tree

Please note: Tomorrow (Saturday) is my blogging day off but I’ll be back with my second quadragintal, ‘B is for...’, on Sunday. Have a great weekend and thanks for the visit.