Friday 8 April 2011

A to Z of Leicester: G is for...

The Guildhall and its Ghosts

Five ghosts haunt Leicester’s ancient Guildhall. After Henry VIII banned guilds, the hall was used for council meetings, court hearings, police cells, lavish banquets, plays. They say that Shakespeare was a visitor. Could one of the ghosts be Hamlet’s father? 

A quadragintal is a blog of exactly 40 words. 

Leicester's Guildhall which was built over 600 years ago

A gibbet hanging in the old police cells
The cells are open to the public and well worth a visit.

Follow this link and scroll down to the picture shown above 
to view one of the ghostly occurrences recorded when 
Rupal Rajani from BBC Radio Leicester investigated some local ghosts...

... or are you too scared?!!!

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