Thursday, 28 April 2011

A to Z of Leicester: Y is for...

Y Theatre

Today, Leicester’s Y theatre is a bustling, live performance venue. Long ago, when it was the old YMCA, I made my performing debut on its stage with the lead part in a play that won the Leicestershire Youth Drama Festival. 

A quadragintal is a blog of exactly 40 words. 

The Y Theatre

Next Tuesday, 3rd May, Shamshad Khan 
is on WORD! at the Y 

WORD! is the longest running 
poetry and spoken word night in the Midlands.



  1. How interesting that you made your performing debut there. Looks like a great place!

  2. Which role did you play? :-)

  3. I bet that is a great theater. I love those old historical places.

  4. It was a fabulously atmospheric theatre to perform in. I played the lead woman in a play called Dark Brown. Don't remember anything else about it except that my husband was a hangman... woops! I've told you how it ends now ;-)

  5. There is definitely a wealth of things to do in Leicester. Have a great time at the theatre!


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