Sunday, 3 April 2011

A to Z of Leicester: B is for...

Belgrave Road - Leicester’s Gold Mile   

This once dreary street now shines and dazzles with window displays of sequined saris and golden jewellery. At Diwali time the celebrations are the biggest outside India and the amazing illuminations attract crowds from all over the country and beyond.

A quadragintal is a blog of exactly 40 words.
(Don’t try looking it up. It was created for this blog challenge.)

A Taste of Diwali - Listen to some music and some children talking about what Diwali means to them

Saris on display in a shop window

Diwali lights along Belgrave Road



  1. That's beautiful. Would love to see it in person.

  2. Hi Ros,

    What a great idea...I love Leicester, having been born on New Walk, I'll be following your A to Z with interest.

    I haven't lived in the city since I was a young child, but I visit often and am always amazed by how much there is to learn about the city and its amazing occupants.

  3. It looks beautiful.

    My sister lived in Leicester until recently and I used to visit often. A lovely place.

  4. Beautiful lights! I love that I'm learning more about Leicester - I've never been, so thank you!

  5. G'Mornin', Rosalind....I would love to peruse the shops there and experience the music~! I am a "fabricaholic", and would love to sample the goods for art projects...
    Great addition to the blogfest!
    See you for "C"...

  6. So beautiful! Lovely picture.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I've followed you right back here!

  7. Leicester, and indeed England is becoming a whole lot more cultural now isn't it, with the influx of foreigners.

    Really must feel something like Malaysia. Perhaps I'd feel right at home if I were to return!

    Duncan In Kuantan

  8. What a great idea for the Challenge! And such lovely imagery :)