Thursday, 28 June 2012

Remembering Nostalgia...

...and an Award

Two months have passed since I completed the A to Z of 1950s/60s Nostalgia. It was crazy and manic but I miss it in a sadistic sort of way. So when I received a 7 x 7 award from Rebecca Bradley, asking me to flag up seven of my posts under seven specific categories, I decided to use it as an excuse to revisit my A to Z month of nostalgia. 

First of all, a big thanks to Rebecca Bradley for the award. Rebecca used to blog at Life in Clarity but she now has a shiny new blog home. It’s called Rebecca Bradley, Murder Down to a Tea and it promises to be a bloody affair if the headline artwork has anything to do with it.

Rebecca has asked that in return for my 7 x 7 award I must post up a link to seven of my posts using the following criteria. In my usual obedient way I’ve bent the rules just a little so that I can include aspects of the A to Z that covered more than one post, if you see what I mean...

1.  My most beautiful A to Z Nostalgia piece: T is for Titles: I’m not talking about one specific post here. I loved creating the title for every one of the posts. It took far longer than was necessary but it was fascinating to do. I used the Microsoft WordArt facility which even allows you to colour a letter in with a piece of clipart of your choosing. I love them all but my S post shows a good variety of alphabet styles. 

2.  My most helpful A to Z Nostalgia piece: I suppose I wasn’t trying to be helpful but in E I did talk about education, eleven plus and equality and you can’t get much more helpful than that!

3.  My most popular A to Z Nostalgia piece: According to the stats it was O - Old Spice After Shave and Op-art. I’m not sure if the pictures of Op-art drew in the viewers. I do love all that psychedelic op-art stuff. This was closely followed by G with a piece about Gangs including Teddy Boys and Mods and Rockers.

4.  My most controversial A to Z Nostalgia piece: Every post started with a smell to get you in the mood. Well, people and homes did smell very different in those days! I think my body odour mentions were the most controversial. U had Underarms for the Smell and Underwear in the Memories [plus this fabulous photo of Marlon Brando who was reputed to be the first to wear a t-shirt as outerwear rather than underwear!]

5.  My most surprisingly successful A to Z Nostalgia piece: My biggest surprise was the Comments. By halfway through I had a few people competing to be first on the blog in the morning to get their additional memories posted up. A special thank you to my sister Rifka and to Pat Posner from Write up the Hill who, I believe, are still discussing their 1950s memories via email! You can see them chatting in most of the Comments. In my K post they’re discussing Kiaora drinks and forgetting all about talking to me! 

6.  My most underrated A to Z Nostalgia piece: According to the stats it was W which is a shame. I’d been looking forward to writing about Watch with Mother

7.  My most pride-worthy A to Z Nostalgia piece: That’s easy. It has to be my Z post because I was so proud [and relieved] to have completed it! 

[A note to type-font purists: Yes, there are two different styles of fonts in this blog post. Blogger threw one of its wobblies this afternoon. Some of the paragraphs are in a different font and I can't get it to change to the same style. Neither can I understand why it has done it. *sigh*]


  1. Ros, I loved that nostaligia thread. But I got exhausted just thinking of the amount of time you must have spent on each post - I didn't even have time to check it every day and leave comments.

    I look forward to seeing what you're going to do for next year's A - Z.

  2. I love the way you've done this because it's very hard to put posts into catagories but I think you've done it proud. I love that we're looking back at the Ato Z through our rose tinted glasses lol!!I remember nearly pulling my hair out.

  3. This font business ifs a pain in the proverbial! Mine throws a tantrum when I try to re-arrange photos and text, and I end up with some underlines and centred. How the h-ll does that happen?

  4. I didn't know you could do so much with WordArt - I'm going to have a play!

    I loved reading Rifka and Pat's further memories too.

  5. I hate when blogger messes around with my posts - so annoying!

    You had so many awesome posts for A-Z :)

  6. What a great post Rosalind and thank you for sharing it all with us again. There is just something about Old Spice that draws us all in isn't there?

    As for your font work, I'm in awe. I'm rubbish on the computer really, so when I see what you do with all the pretty patterns on the letters, I am impressed.

    A great post, for what was a great month.

  7. Hi Ann, YOU got exhausted! I was shattered!

    Hi Anne, but we did have fun doing it even though it was hard work.

    Hi Lizy, Sometimes I want to throw the computer out of the window when Blogger does this. I really don't know how it happens.

    Hi Annalisa, WordArt is great fun. You can find it in the Insert tab at the top of the page in Word.

    Hi Jemi, you have trouble with Blogger too? It's infuriating!

    Hi Rebecca, thanks and thanks again for the award.

  8. Blogger has been acting awfully strange.

    Did I congratulate you way back when you finished the challenge? Whether or not I did, congratulations! It's something to be proud of, and you put a lot of thought into your posts. I also appreciate the Marlon Brando picture.


  9. Hi Ros .. I loved your nostalgia moments -- so relevant to so many of us .. and we can revisit.

    I must look at Word Art - mind you can't get much time in at the moment .. with so much to post about. But blogger can mess things up and why - is a mystery .. much like commenting - still causes me pain with embedded comment boxes, and the new simplistic blogger I can't even find the comment section.

    I keep mine simple ..

    Your A - Z was definitely one of the more interesting series .. I loved it - just trying to keep up with some really interesting topics around 'our blog world' .. challenged - let alone the writing.

    Cheers and I hope you have a drier weekend - that tornado was in Lincolnshire .. count your blessings it scooted over Leicester!! Happy times - Hilary

  10. Loved the post Rosalind. have got behind commenting, my blog don't work on Internet Explorer yet on chrome it's great......being trying for days to get it right without success.


  11. I love your take on the A - Z challenge. To my mind, your blogs were the most interesting. Just goes to show how organized we need to be if we want popular blogs.

  12. Hi Sis, I loved commenting on your A to Z and having fun with Pat too, yes we are still in touch, sharing such similar memories of the 50's/60's. There are still favourite days that stay in my mind like V with memories of mum's favourite Frankie Vaughan singing Green Door. Y for that precious Yardstick - a memory totally forgotten until then. Oh and Yardley Talc sent me zipping back in time (just goes to show what a smell can do)*sigh*.....
    And there was L for Lenny the Lion and your surprise at forgetting to mention him..... *giggle*
    Once again "Well Done" it was all brilliant.

  13. Ooh, just had an email from Rifka telling me the two of us had got a mention on your blog, Ros. (There, I made sure not to leave you out like Rifka and I did on the K memory.)
    I really enjoyed the A - Z of nostalgia but shudder to think how hard you must have worked at it.
    It's fun carrying on sharing memories with Rifka.I still think we are soul sisters who were separated at birth!

    Bet you wish you could read the emails Rifka and I send each other, Annalisa!

    I'll pop back soon, Ros

  14. congrats on the award. Loved this post. certainly helps me look into the awesome pieces I might have missed:)

  15. "In my usual obedient way" made me chuckle! Good for you!

  16. I've puzzled over that font change issue as well and never figured it out.

    Your nostalgia entries for A to Z were some of my favorites. I love that stuff.

    Wrote By Rote


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