Sunday, 17 June 2012

I'm Going To Moodle

I know what I’m going to do this August. I’m going to moodle. [Don’t you just love these off-the-wall words!] Fiona and Kaspa from Writing Our Way Home are running a Summer Moodle Course and as my inspiration has been flagging recently I decided that this would be just the thing to give it a boost.

The word moodle comes from a quote by Brenda Ueland;
“...imagination needs moodling – long, inefficient, happy idling, dawdling and puttering.” ~ Brenda Ueland
An inspiring view of our garden
[tirelessly tended by Mr A]
I love the idea that being inefficient can be productive. It goes against everything we’ve had drummed into us as we grew up. And the same can be said for happy idling, for dawdling and as for puttering... when haven’t you wanted to putter and not feel guilty about it? Oh yes, this is exactly what my over-burdened, befuddled brain needs.

Fiona and Kaspa were the creators of the January Small Stones Project. You can see my small stones here. I did say that I would continue writing small stones even though the project was over but, surprise, surprise, not a single one has hit the computer screen since 31st January. Now that I’ve enrolled for the Summer Moodle I might write a few small stones before the course begins to get myself thinking in the present. For those who don’t know how to write a small stone, it’s all about noticing a small thing/event/scene and recording it in words as a moment in time. Like I say, it’s all about living in the present.

One of the quotes included in the Summer Moodle Course information is by Natalie Goldberg. I often dip into her book, Writing Down The Bones. It feels like she’s speaking directly to me. The Goldberg quote that Fiona and Kaspa have chosen hits me right in the face;
“Stress is basically a disconnection from the earth, a forgetting of the breath. Stress is an ignorant state. It believes that everything is an emergency. Nothing is that important. Just lie down.” ~ Natalie Goldberg

Some of the work for the Summer Moodle will be taken from Fiona Robyn's book, A Year of Questions: How to Slow Down and Fall in Love with Life. That sounds suspiciously like yet another book that's talking right at me!

So it’s going to be a summer of living in the present, of de-stressing, of slowing down, of happy idling... in fact I’m just going to moodle. Who’s going to join me?

[I'm adding an addendum: I'm not actually going to be doing nothing in August even though some of you who commented seem to think I am! Fiona and Kaspa are running a therapeutic online writing course that will rejuvenate my creativity. Sorry if you thought I was inviting you to do nothing with me. It's going to be a packed month of writing! Are you still up for joining me? Then visit Writing Our Way Home.]

[My Inspiring Writing Den update: After your kind comments on my previous post we've chosen Liqueur emulsion (a pale pinky-beige) for the walls, I'm planning curtains with an inspiring green splash of colour to them and yes I will post up a picture when it's finished but it may be some time yet. The sun has just come out and Mr A would far rather be in the garden!]


  1. Moodling sounds like a very good idea!! :) I definitely need to slow myself down!

    Sounds like your colour scheme is going to be very pretty and relaxing!

  2. Any excuse not to work! Sign me up :)

  3. Moodling - with interruptions from my grandchildren - sounds like the best sort of summer. (though this weather seems to irritate my itchy feet - so might have to hide the rucksack!)

  4. Love the photo of your garden,coukdn't you send Mr A up here to Boonie Scotland to tend to mine please. I also love this post and the thought of just dreaming and doing nothing but my hubby would tell you I do that anywhere. The colour of your walls are going to be named after a strong drink? Hmm!

  5. Hi Jemi, I think we should all try and slow down sometimes but with an objective to the slowing down. That's what I'm going to be doing.

    Hi Lizy, it's not an excuse to not work. It's an encouragement to take write therapeutically. Maybe I was a little too flippant in my above musings.

    Hi Jo, you're not about to up and off again are you? Goodness! Where do you get the energy?

    Hi Anne, no I can't send Mr A up to you cause who would maintain his lovely garden while he was with you? And I'm not actually going to be doing nothing! It was just a whimsical take on a writing course that I hope will be therapeutic.

  6. Just find your blog and what an interesting site it is. I love the idea of moodling, so I'll be following your moodles with interst.

  7. I love it, and that quote is fabulous. Last night I felt so stressed out. We were supposed to be at my in-law's house at a certain time and I was running late fixing the food. Later, after we were home again, after we'd waited there two hours to eat dinner so my "lateness" didn't even matter a bit, I felt pretty foolish. I will have to type up that quote and put it somewhere where I'll see it often! And moodle my way to inspiration, too! ha ha! :)

  8. moodle - that seems to sum up my life. Hmm. Sounds like your room color shall set the stage for a summer moodle. Enjoy

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  10. This is a pretty great post. I really enjoyed reading this.

  11. Oooh that sounds like exactly what I need. Checking it out now. Maybe I'll join you. :-)

  12. Hi Ros .. what a great word - sounds like so much fun .. moodling around life! But I can see you'll be creating too .. creating is moodling .. mulling moodling ..

    Have fun and I'll be around

    Mr A does a great job with your garden .. must be slightly awash now - cheers Hilary

  13. Yes, I find I need space sometimes to just "hang," as my 20-yr-old might say. Never heard "moodle" before. Hope it goes well.

  14. moodling is a delightful word - and sounds like a delightful occupation too. Writing in a leisurely, non-scheduled way sounds lovely for the summer.


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