Friday, 22 June 2012

A Wow View

We've been to visit Sister and as the visit coincided with Mr A's birthday we decided to treat ourselves. This was the view from our hotel bedroom.
Lyme Regis Bay from our bedroom in bright sunshine
It's the kind of view you don't tire of.
Lyme Regis Bay from our bedroom as the sun sets
We sat in the hotel garden in glorious Dorset sunshine and pretended to be Lord and Lady Whatsit.
We entertained Sister. 
We entertained Niece and Nephew-in-law. 
Morning coffee? No problem. 
Afternoon tea? Certainly, madam, would that include scones and jam? 
Game of croquet anyone? Errm... How do you play croquet?

And when we fancied some exercise, the hotel gardens led onto a steep but very pretty cliff path which took us down to the seafront and Lyme's famous cob. My only problem was climbing back up that path again. [Note to self: Must get more exercise!]

But now we're home again and if we want a cup of tea we have to go and put the kettle on ourselves and as for cooking dinner *sigh*. I could get used to being waited upon!
[In case you fancy a similar treat, we were staying at the Alexandra Hotel in Lyme Regis.]


  1. aaaah sounds wonderful just what we all need. And looks like the crazy British weather held out for you as well.

  2. What gorgeous views! I could very easily get used to spending time in a hotel - being waited on while I finish the final chapters of my WIP would be ideal!

  3. That IS a lovely view. Being waited on...yes please.

  4. The view from the window is one I envisage when I picture myself in a quiet room alone. I've designed the room and that is the exact view. I never knew where it was. Imagine my surprise to find it's in England. Relax and unwind.

  5. Great view, Rosalind. I can see the sea from my window. Unfortunately it is a sea of grass about 2 ft high which has grown on my lawn while we were in the USA. It's rained on and off since we came back on Wednesday.
    I could do with some of that Dorset sun (if it's still there).

  6. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time - maybe you can invent pretend birthdays, like the Queen, and go more often?

  7. It's nice to get spoiled sometimes. I'm glad you had such a good time with your relatives in such a lovely setting.

  8. You've captured the view and the ambience perfectly Ros. I've decided I could get very used to being entertained at the Alexandra Hotel - even with the inquisitive seagulls. Great visit sis - missing the morning coffee and afternoon tea Oh..... and missing You and Mr.A too. Not sure about the croquet though!!!!!!

  9. Now that is what i call a view!!!Idyllic....but , what was the food there? Answer in the affirmative, and I could well be going on a trip there...!

  10. I know Lyme Bay very well , I used to live at Weymouth and my late husband and I would very often visit Lyme.
    That is where the film "The Fremch Leuitanats Woman" was filmed. Pleased you are having a good time.


  11. It's difficult to beat England when it puts on its best hat!

  12. Lovely view and great you had some sun. We're always saying we should have more weekends away.

  13. Yes it's always a treat to be treated. The best part is having the means to be able to go and have a vacation!
    lovely place

  14. Hi Ros .. sounds like a great break - and what a wonderful looking hotel - well views from and starred review by you .. I whizzed past so often going up and down to Cornwall - now that connection is no longer there .. I'll have to take time out and visit Lyme Regis and area ..

    So pleased you had such a happy time and Mr A's birthday was celebrated in such a lovely way ..

    Cheers Hilary

  15. Hi Ann, you've not forgotten about our crazy weather then, huh!

    Hi Annalisa and Delores, I could get used to it too! *sigh*

    Hi Francene, That is amazing. I've brought your fantasy view to life. Hope it's enhanced your relaxation rather than hindered it.

    Hi Bob, your lawn sounds like it needs some major tlc. I'm thinking a professional gardener or two! As we left Dorset the rain came down in torrents there so we were lucky with the weather.

    Hi Jo, now Mr A has retired we don't, strictly speaking, need to invent pretend birthdays but I suspect it would lose its charm if we did it too often.

    Hi Inger, we all have to spoil ourselves sometimes, don't we :-)

    Hi Sis, I didn't mention those scary seagulls in my blog. And yes, I'm missing you too!!

    Hi Bridget, the food was outstanding (as long as you didn't try to eat it outside because of the manic seagulls!)

    Hi Yvonne, I'm sure I'm not the only person to pretend to be the French Lieutenant's Woman when I walk on the Cobb. That Cobb is a bit lethal too!

    Hi Lizy, how true!

    Hi Anne, maybe we should arrange a weekend away at a halfway point and meet up for a REAL chat!

    Hi Heidrun, we couldn't make a habit of it but every once in a while it doesn't hurt.

    Hi Hilary, I could recommend it as a delightful alternative to Cornwall although there is something very special about Cornwall and I can't quite work out what it is.

  16. That looks amazing. You got lucky with the weather too.

  17. Ohhh it looks beautiful. I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves!

    I gave you the Booker Award today. Stop by and pick it up. :)

  18. I could do with some of that - being waited on hand and foot. Pleased to hear you had a good break. A change of scene does us a power of good doesn't it?

  19. Oh... wouldn't it be loverly? Sounds like a wonderful getaway. And I'm kinda tickled you don't know how to play croquet. Some of my "stuffy" friends played it when we were kids, but it was never, shall we say, my cup of tea.

  20. a cup of tea and some scones sounds lovely right now. Great summer break and visit. It looks so cool and calm.

  21. It looks absolutely gorgeous and it sounds as though you had a lovely time there. Beautiful pictures.

  22. What a lovely view! Sounds like you had a delightful break! Julie

  23. That is a beautiful view. I think I'd be inspired to write all day if I had that in front of me:)

  24. Wow, that looks like such a wonderful place! As for the cream tea - now my mouth is watering!! I am glad you had a lovely holiday.


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