Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Richard III - Post 7 of 10

I hate listening to my voice on the radio but I'm guessing that some of you would like to hear me being interviewed about selling my book so here is the link:

BBC Radio Leicester

And you'll hear my interview at 1:20:00

I spent this evening at Leicester Cathedral and the Richard III Visitors Centre.

The image of RIII is being projected onto the Cathedral wall
In the Cathedral we had a talk from the Very Reverend David Monteith. He told us that five thousand people had filed past the coffin yesterday and seven and a half thousand people filed past it today. They were still filing past as we sat there listening to him explain about the plans for the reinterment on Thursday.

Then it was our turn to pay our respects. We weren't given very long. In fact we were moved along quite quickly and this is why my photo is rather blurred but it was such a special moment that I decided to include it anyway.


  1. wow - I just can't get over the numbers. That is fantastic.

    1. And the queue continued! Staggering isn't it!

  2. Am saving this for tomorrow - I've got one of Those days today!

  3. Hi Ros - so pleased you were able to get in and pay your respects (even if in passing) ... what a great opportunity - and what a treat. I'm so pleased you're being involved and given these opportunities ...

    I love the radio interview - and such a great idea of leaving the queue briefly to buy your book - and then retire and read as the queues move forward into the Cathedral. Love the image being projected onto the Cathedral ... they've got the gilded colour right ..

    Must be incredible to hear a bit more detail about Thursday - I'm going to watch .. cheers to you - and thanks for putting these posts together ... Hilary

    1. I think this is one of those experiences that I'll enjoy more in retrospect than at the moment because I feel that I'm rushing round like a mad thing!


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