Friday, 27 March 2015

Richard III - Post 10 of 10

Five facts from this most amazing week:

1.  Over 20,000 people filed past the coffin.

2.  The oak and yew coffin was made by Michael Ibsen, cabinet maker, relative of Richard III and provider of the decisive DNA sample.

3.  The funeral service was presided over by the Archbishop of Canterbury, The Most Rev Justin Welby, with representatives of world faiths in the congregation.

4.  The sarcophagus is made from two tonnes of Swaledale fossil stone with an inlaid coat of arms of marble and semi-precious stones.

5.  This evening 8,000 candles will be lit in nearby Jubilee Square.

And one additional fact about me:

I almost froze signing my book, The Children's Book of Richard III, on our pop-up market stall but thank you to everyone who came along, shook my hand, bought my book and said such kind words about it.

Thank you for visiting my ten Richard III blogs and now I shall curl up and sleep!


  1. congrats you can snooze. And Richard III can now sleep in peace without traffic rolling over him.
    excellent 10 posts - thank you

  2. Hi Ros .. great you've put some stats up .. my latest post links across to your Richard posts.

    Fantastic week of an incredible very British process ... thanks for posting all you've done ... and I'm sure you're exhausted and very slowly warming up ... hope you sold lots of books ...

    It looks like the candles are the end of a celebratory phase for Leicester this week entitled Leicester Glows - lighting up the Square, the Cathedral grounds and the lanes nearby .. and I see there's a firework display going to happen on the roof ... that too should be amazing ...

    Cheers and have a do nothing weekend - if possible! Congratulations on all your work with the organisers and your book .. Hilary

  3. Oh you've earned sleep (hope you have celebratory cake before you keel over!)

  4. It's been a lovely series of posts. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. What a week! Congratulations on your success, I am only sorry I wasn't able to come and see you Ros... :-)

  6. Thank you for taking us through the whole story, It's been really interesting.

  7. Just caught up on all your posts. Very exciting and you did brilliantly - including the interview. Well done! You deserve that rest.

  8. I've read most of your posts and it's been great to follow the Richard story through your eyes. You've deserved your snooze and time to reflect on your next challenge.

  9. What a week you've had, Ros. It must have been both exhilarating and exhausting. I'm so glad your book is generating so much interest. It's just lovely!

  10. The UK does get a bit nippy. Brrrr!

  11. Hope you sold lots of must have been very exciting to be there.


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