Monday, 23 March 2015

Richard III - 6 of 10

Radio Leicester Interview
Lovely radio presenter, Jo Hayward, interviewed me this morning for her breakfast programme. As predicted by all my family and friends, I did not dry up. I managed to chat long enough to fill up my allotted time and you'll be able to hear my dulcet tones on Tuesday morning on BBC Radio Leicester.

A pop up book stall
Steady sales marked a good, if cold, start to our week of being market traders. Tomorrow I put on warmer clothes, a vest, maybe even long johns (whatever they are!) 

This photo is of Lynn Moore, publisher of my Children's Book of Richard III and owner of The Reading Shop, Oadby, talking to a customer.

The queue at the Cathedral
It felt as if everyone in Leicester wanted to view the coffin in the Cathedral. The queues were so long that at one point the wait was estimated to be four hours. I had to deliver some more of my books to St Martin's Bookshop at the Cathedral so I saw the queues for myself but I didn't feel the urge to join them. I am feeling very privileged (OK, smug!) because I have an invitation to a private viewing of the coffin tomorrow evening. I will, of course, blog about that tomorrow.

I did linger long enough to take this photograph of white roses that had been placed in tribute around the statue of Richard III outside Leicester Cathedral. (You can see just a few freezing queuers in the background.)


  1. more books needed - that says it all! Sounds like quite a turnout as everyone is joining in your excitement.

  2. That statute covered in roses is beautiful. How did you find time to take that pic with all the things you're up to.

  3. Hi Ros .. the whole thing is being amazing. Well done on your book and the sales you're making, even standing in the freezing cold (and it is cold still) - I wondered if you'd be warm enough!?! Great you're supplying the bookshop at the Cathedral too ..

    I hadn't spotted the white roses up the statue .. or the tv cameras hadn't! Those queues were extraordinary - though it is a unique event ..... and I'm so pleased you're having a private viewing this evening.

    Then I expect you'll let us have the link to the recording ... which will be great to listen to ... it looks like an amazing event in our lives .. and particularly for you all in Leicester ... cheers Hilary

  4. Smug is fine - and you've earned it!

  5. I've been thinking about you every time the news has mentioned Richard III which is quite a lot. Well done you for the radio broadcast and hope you made loads of sales of your book.

  6. Sounds like you are selling a lot of books. Good for you Ros, you'll need a holiday after this week!

  7. You sound really busy,hope it all goes well.


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