Friday, 20 March 2015

Richard III - Post 3 of 10

On Twitter
Everyone is preparing for the reinterment, at least that's how it looks on Twitter! This afternoon I glanced at my Twitter timeline and saw the following tweets scroll down one after the other:

@+++++ Leicester Cathedral Square and Pop Up TV studio. It seems the whole city is being cleaned for #richardreburied 

@+++++ Live coverage of #RichardReburied #RichardIII as it happens @BBCLeicester from 22/03/15 onwards. Be part of it. 

@+++++ Our #horses are used at ceremonial events but this is the 1st time they will be escorting a King to his final resting place #richardreburied

@+++++ Quite a buzz @LeicsCathedral as crews set up for @Channel4 coverage next week 

I could go on but you get the idea. What on earth are we all going to tweet about when this is over?

Market Stall:
Advanced notice that I will be in front of the Corn Exchange in Leicester Market every day next week. We have a stall selling my book, the Children's Book of Richard III,  and I will be book signing every lunchtime. I will, of course, blog about it and there may even be photos.

Yesterday’s blog post was a gallop through the events that led to a King being found under a car park. I wouldn’t usually give out dates to an assembly of children but here they are for any interested blog readers:

Battle of Bosworth 1485

Henry VIII dissolved Leicester's Grey Friars 1538

Alderman Herrick had a garden on the site 1580s

City Corporation bought the land 1866

Built a block of offices next to the spot 1936

Created the car park 1965

Archaeological dig 2012

The illustration on the left is Alice Povey's interpretation of one of Richard III's flags and is taken from my book.


  1. Hi Ros - thanks for the dates - helped me! Brilliant you're doing these posts - I'm looking forward to those horses ... and obviously all the razzamatazz ... I really should get on twitter for this ... we shall see.

    Have a fantastic time ... so good you're so involved and good luck with your excellent book, and I love Alice's drawings for the book .. cheers Hilary

    1. You'd enjoy Twitter, Hilary. There are so many interesting people who you can follow. Alice's drawings are amazing.

  2. You are going to have the best (and busiest) week ever!! Enjoy.

  3. How exciting for you to have a front row seat to this exciting little piece of history. And BRILLIANT for your book to be out in time to coincide with it. (You smarty!) Enjoy your signing. You're gonna feel like a celebrity!

    1. It has all come together really well. Thanks, Susan.

  4. I've been learning some history thanks to you. I'm glad you are posting about the excitement. You have a ringside seat. Very cool

    1. Hope you don't feel like you're back at school with all the history lessons, Joanne. I love history and this is all so exciting.

  5. All your hard work is paying off. And that of the archeologists etc, naturally! Enjoy it and I hope you make loads of sales.

  6. This will be such an amazing week for you, Rosalind. What a wonderful event for you to be part of, and I hope your book does really well. I did appreciate your potted history of dates in a nutshell by the way! Jane :o)


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