Monday, 9 July 2012

When it Storms

Torrential rain. 
Plants flattened. 
Flowers destroyed.

But if you look hard enough you'll always find a survivor.

[I've enrolled for a photography course next month. I've been told that my small camera isn't sharp enough for producing really high quality shots. I was really pleased with this shot of the rose but I have to admit that it was taken with my iPod and it wouldn't look right to take photos with an iPod on a photography course... or would it!]


  1. Nothing wrong with using an iPod/iPhone for photography, although you might get some snotty looks from others. You'd be amazed at what people are achieving with those cameras and a few apps. I've got a whole set on my Flickr account dedicated to my iPhoneography to compliment the pictures I also take with my GF2. The trick, as with any camera, is to understand how to get the best from it.
    You're rose picture is great, by the way. Looks great at full size.

  2. Take what you want, Ros - their job is to help you take the best pictures with whatever you have, not to talk you into buying and all-singing all-dancing camera that costs the earth!

  3. Not to worry...those plants will perk back up in no time. And the photos look great.

  4. My what weather we've had.
    That saying your rose survivor is a bit like us, whatever the weather there are always some who live to tell the tale.

    Good luck on your course.


  5. Rosalind, it's amazing that some things are so resilient.

    Have fun with your photography class. i did one a while ago and think I need a refresher.

    I’m nominating you to receive the Versatile Blogger Award(check out my new blog post for the rules) – please ignore if you’ve received it before.

  6. Use what you like - that rose is absolute perfection, and the rain-drops just add that certain je ne sais quoi. My OH bought a bouquet last year for his cousin's Ruby Wedding - ruby red roses - and the florist stuck on artificial rain-drops! Enjoy your course and only buy another camera if you want to (and can afford it!)

  7. Hi, Rosalind, I haven't visited you in a while. Being over at Peaches' blog reminded me to come over and say hello. That rose has a lovely colour.

  8. Hi Mr Uku, thank you so much for your comments about my photo. I'm something of a hit and miss photographer.

    Hi Jo, I'm not going to buy one of those bank-busting cameras but I'm not sure I'd have the courage to lift an iPad while others have real cameras.

    Hi Delores, the plants have already straightened their backs but as I type they're forecasting more rain. What a summer!

    Hi Yvonne, yes, I almost added that there are some of us here who are survivors!

    Hi Peaches, Thank you so much for the award. I'll pop over and visit right now.

    Hi Lizy, not sure I'd fancy articificial raindrops on real roses. Those on my photo were quite genuine (and my feet were wet too!)

    Hi J.L. love to see you again. It is a fabulous colour isn't it.

  9. I love the first picture! But then, I'm lucky enough not to live in an area liable to flood.

    Digital camera sales are down because people are using their phones more - but I expect photography students are still using the real deal.

  10. Use what you are comfortable with, Rosalind. I take all my pictures using an automatic setting as I would never get things in focus otherwise. If you can afford an iPad you can get a camera like my Lumix DMC-F250 at alower price than that.

  11. Your photo of the rose is beautiful. What difference does it make what you took it with? (Unless you're planning to turn pro.) Good luck with your class. Sounds like fun.

  12. What a great picture. Glad something survived that rain. Have fun with that photography class!

  13. send buckets of rain to Texas please. Great photos - doesn't matter how you capture the moment. Have fun with the class, but don't let it stifle creativity.

  14. Lovely photo it's amazing how goods iPods and iPhones are at taking photos. It's raining here too.

  15. I love that you enrolled for a Photography course! I've been wanting to do that myself but I currently lack the time and finances. Good luck!

  16. Now you have permission to get yourself a new camera! Congratulations. I love the rose photo. Enjoy the course!

  17. I love your photos and the accompanying text. They pair to make a subtly uplifting post!


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