Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Cosmological Confusions

Last night on the radio he asked us a question.
Hard to believe it's all happening behind
these innocent clouds.
Do you believe in parallel universes?
Well, Professor Cox, this is my answer:

My brain is very small.
It can’t conceive of infinity,
Nor black holes that suck and distort matter.

It is so small that some thoughts make it panic.
Like the one about the Big Bang
The way it expanded the edges of the universe.

You see, if there are edges then there must be more beyond
But how can it truly go on forever?
And now you say there are parallel universes.

My brain is becoming clammy.
Does a parallel universe consume more space then infinity?
Steady on, Prof Cox!

You’re asking me to believe what I don’t understand
To accept theories without facts.
You’re asking me to have faith
And everyone knows that’s not science.

[BBC Radio 4, The Infinite Monkey Cage, with Brian Cox and Robin Ince]

I love listening to The Infinite Monkey Cage, even if I don't always understand it, but then Brian Cox could say anything and I'd hang on his every word!

[Writing Den Update: Mr A has finished the structural alterations and decorating that I blogged about here. The walls are a pink/beige liquer colour. We've ordered a beige carpet and curtains with a deep red flower pattern.  I'm searching for rugs and cushions to complete the deep red theme with a splash of added green and I hope to be working up there very soon! And yes, there will be an opening ceremony and photos!]