Sunday 1 April 2012

A to Z of 1950s/60s Nostalgia: A

Each post consists of: 
     a smell to get you in the mood 
          some memories 
               a list of programmes and names 
                    a piece of music from an A artist
                         followed by you saying, “Oh gosh! I'd forgotten that!”

Welcome to my Nostalgic look at

A Smell:
Ashes - The choking sulphur fumes of ashes from the fire, piled in the ash can, sparks still flying, as Dad carried them out. “Keep away! It’s hot!”

A Memories:
Adverts on TV - These days I groan at the ads on the telly but in 1955, when TV adverts were first shown in the UK, I thought they were amazing. Dad loved electronics. He fixed up a funny-looking box to the back of our telly and we received ITV as soon as it started transmitting.

Some of my favourite adverts from back then include:
“You’ll wonder where the yellow went when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent.” 
“Don’t forget the Fruit Gums, Mum.” 
“Go to work on an egg.” 
“Murray mints, Murray mints, they’re too good to hurry mints.” 
“Milk’s gotta lotta bottle!”
*sigh* They don’t make adverts like that anymore!

AA Patrolmen - I loved it when Dad took us for a ride on a Sunday afternoon and the AA man saluted us. I used to think he was our friend.

A Programmes:
On TV:
The Avengers with Emma Peel and Steed
The Army Game – “I only aarsked!”

On Radio:
Arthur Askey – “Hello, Playmates.”

A Names:
Fred Astaire
Paul Anka
Louis Armstrong
Frankie Avalon
The Animals who provide the...

A Music:
The House of the Rising Sun.

Did I do it? 
Let me know if I made you say, 
"Oh gosh! I'd forgotten that!"