Tuesday 10 April 2012

A to Z 1950s/60s Nostalgia: I

I Smell:
Incense - I always thought that hippies burned incense sticks in coffee bars because they liked the smell. I now wonder if maybe it was to cover up tell-tale signs of the drugs they were smoking!

I Memories:
My writing was never this neat.
Ink – I suspect that most people had ink marks on their fingers in those days and we didn't think anything about it, like nicotine stains. When I was in primary school we wrote mostly with pencil but once a week we had handwriting lesson. The teacher handed out wooden handled pens with large metal nibs and we each had a little pot of ink to dip into. We had to angle the nib to get thick and think lines but if we pressed too hard then the nib would cross and it would have to be thrown away.

The Interlude – In the 50s TV didn’t start until Children’s Hour which I think was at 5 pm each weekday. [I’m sure someone will let me know if I’m wrong.] The evening's viewing ended at about 11.30 pm with the Epilogue, a short religious talk. Sometimes there were gaps between the programmes and short scenes were played until the next programme came on. These Interludes included kittens playing with wool, a farmer ploughing a field and a potter’s wheel as you can see below. [There’ll be more memories about the television in T.]

Ivor the Engine
I Programmes:
On TV:
Ivor the Engine

On Radio:
In Town Tonight

I Names:
[I had a bit of trouble thinking of I names.]
Isley Brothers
Burl Ives
Frank Ifield who provides the...

I Music:
Frank Ifield singing I Remember You [a special song in our family]

Do keep telling me about memories that I've missed.