Thursday 19 April 2012

A to Z 1950s/60s Nostalgia: Q

Q Smell:
liQuorice - [This smell has such a lovely memory for me that I can justify my first A to Z cheat!]
Grandma lived near a sweet factory and the smell of liquorice always reminds me of visiting her. We had to wait by the factory's extractor fans for the bus home and in the summer the smell of liquorice attracted every wasp in Leicester!

Q Memories:
Mary Quant - 
This was an exciting time for fashion especially as I was a young teenager. There was hair:

Vidal Sassoon cutting Mary Quant's hair
I would have loved a mod hairstyle like Mary Quant's but my hair would never lie flat enough. And then there were the mini-skirted dresses:
Twiggy modelling a Mary Quant dress
I adored my tiny dresses. Great Auntie Alice, a private dressmaker, made most of our clothes and she reluctantly cut the hemlines higher and higher for me.

The Queen's Coronation - On June 2nd 1953 Princess Elizabeth was crowned Queen. The country was still recovering from war and this was the perfect opportunity for a celebration. The sale of televisions rocketed as people bought their first ever TV to watch the Coronation. My sister made a scrapbook of Coronation photographs. I wonder what ever happened to it.

Q Programmes:
On TV:
64,000 dollar Question

On Radio:
Anthony Quinn in Portrait in Black

Q Names:

Anthony Quinn
Mary Quant
THE Queen [Not Queen the group. Their first hit wasn't until 1970]

Oh dear. It looks as if the music will have to be...

Q Music:
Que Sera Sera by Doris Day

That was tough! I'll be amazed if you thought of any more Qs

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