Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Final Stone in my River...

…and a bit about the family too

This morning I placed the final small stone into my river. I did it! I completed the River of Stones January 2012 Writing Challenge. Some days I had to root round for an idea for my small stone while other days a small stone appeared on my computer screen without hardly a thought.

My final ten stones are listed out at the bottom of this post and, as with my earlier posts, I’ve selected two that hold a special meaning for me. This time the selection was easy and it’s no surprise that it’s all about family.

Odd to begin with a failed stone but interesting that the more emotionally involved I was to the stone, the harder it was to find the words to express exactly what I felt.

A failed small stone. I can’t find words to describe the aching tiredness in my body after an exhausting weekend with my post-operative daughter.

Just over a week ago my daughter had an op as a day patient at her local hospital. She was still very much under the influence of the anaesthetic for several days afterwards and needed a lot of t.l.c. She was hoping to bounce up and be back at work by now but, as with many things, it’s not been as straight-forward as we expected, although but hopefully she’s now on the mend.

My other special stone is no surprise.

A first. My little grandson said, “Here yar Mamma” and gave his dummy to the phone. He called me Mamma and it melted my heart.

He’s only 22 months old and I thought for a start he was talking about his Mum but he then said, “Mummee car.” So I’m Mamma. That’s so cute except that after I’d been talking to his Dad for a while he shouted “Bye bye Mamma” and waved at the phone.

Diabetes update: I mentioned in an earlier post that my grandson had been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes a few months ago. It was a great shock to all of us, not least because he’s so young, but now things are settling into a routine and, although his levels are still up and down, he’s coping really well with his new regime, including his four injections a day! 

Some of my blogger friends have been asking how Mr A's health is these days. Thank you for asking. He has fully recovered from the stem cell transplant and the levels in his blood are, thankfully, stable right now. We're keeping everything crossed.

My final ten small stones:

22.1.12  A failed small stone. I can’t find words to describe the aching tiredness in my body after an exhausting weekend with my post-operative daughter.

23.1.12  The dunnock knocks leaves from the gutter seeking out insects that had mistakenly preserved their juicy bodies for his breakfast.

24.1.12 Raindrops hit the puddles sending circles ever outwards, moving too fast for me to see, but I can hear them on the conservatory roof.  

25.1.12 T-shirts with bows, sequins, ribbons or stripes.Trousers straight or boot leg, on waist or hips. So many choices and now I’ve spent too much!

26.1.12 The frozen lump of beige soup softens in the pan. I take a taste, still can’t identify quite what I put in it but it’s surprisingly tasty.

27.1.12 Firm, white, shiny eggs in the bowl. I press down with my fork. Yolk appears, mayonnaise spreads. White and yolk mix. Egg sandwiches.

28.1.12 I stand in the dark at the landing window. A familiar silence surrounds me. At a nearby house lights shine, people chat, children play. My silence suffocates.

29.1.12 A first. My little grandson said, “Here yar Mamma” and gave his dummy to the phone. He called me Mamma and it melted my heart.

30.1.12 I run wet hands across cold clay. It softens and shifts beneath my fingers, warming to my touch, gently inviting me to mould it.

31.1.12 I wake to the perfect pitch of a blackbird greeting the morning. I smile even though he’s really issuing a warning, “My territory!”

For those who have missed my earlier small stones, I've poured the whole River onto their own page. Please click on the River of Stones tab on the green band at the top of this post.


  1. I love the one for today. I tired to do Small Stones too, but I kept forgetting and don't even have 15 I think :\ Congrats on getting through the month successfully!

  2. I've loved reading all your stones - each one with its own mood and character.
    Hopeing that Mr A stays as well as he is at the moment, that your daughter recovers fully and that your grandson continues to give you lots of 'naches'

  3. These are lovely. I'm glad hubby and grandson are doing so well, here's to your daughter doing the same.

  4. It's been lovely reading all these for the past month (sometimes I've had to read on my mobile and it's not easy to comment, so I don't). Babies saying new words is a magical moment. I hope your family continue to recover.

  5. Lovely. I think most of us reading your posts can well identify with the things you've described. Nothing makes my heart melt more than hearing our grandchildren squeal, "Grandma!!" I'm so glad your grandson is taking his diabetes regimen in stride. Kids are amazing.

  6. there is a good story on your stone

  7. I have enjoyed reading your Small Stones, I'm so pleased you did it!

    Regarding diabetes, my brother was diagnosed at just three, after the initial shock, we got on with it. That was thirty odd years ago. Advances happen all the time.

    You, and your family are well versed at coping with whatever life throws your way.

    Take care you and yours. x

  8. These have been such an inspiration. Thanks!

  9. Beautiful small stones. I'm sad to hear about your grandson's diabetes. I've heard so many cases lately of small children with diabetes. I'm glad he's managing well, though! And how cute that he called you "Mamma."
    Hope your daughter is feeling completely better very soon. I know how those surgeries can throw you for a loop sometimes.

    Hang in there!

  10. I've enjoyed all your small stones.It really has been a writing challange for me too as I've never attempt anything like it before but have enjoyed it. I'm glad your hubby and grandson are doing well and hope your daughter recovers well.

  11. Hello Rosalind,

    I just found you on Inger's blog and thought I'd come and visit a lady from the Midlands. Leicester is? isn't it? The other thing I seem to remember that Leicester is twinned with the German city of Krefeld? Am i right? That's my home town.

    I live in a far off valley on the edge of the West Midlands, in Shropshire, a beautiful area.

    As I've only just arrived I've not had much time to read your blog but I love your stones!

  12. Congratulations on completing the small stones. I really felt that first one you shared about the exhaustion. I hope your daughter is starting to pick up now. General anesthesia tends to wipe me out a bit as well.

    I'm glad your grandson is starting to adjust. It's a big adjustment for him. It sounds like he's doing so well.

  13. Thank you for introducing me to the small stones. Yours have been lovely to read and a reminder to notice all the small treasures of life - it reminds us there is such abundance.

  14. Hi Ann, I’m so glad you enjoyed reading them and my grandson is pulling out all the stops to keep me smiling. We had another phone chat last night with his Mamma and he told me all sorts of things... I think!

    Hi Sarah, thanks she’s slowly on the mend.

    Hi Annalisa, thanks and I have the same trouble with my mobile. It won’t always let me comment.

    Hi Susan, thanks and kids are, indeed amazing, which is why I like writing children’s books.

    Hi Jeremy, I think a lot of us who have participated will find that several stones could lead us to longer pieces of writing, maybe even novels. Thanks for the prompt.

    Hi Maria, thanks for the information about your brother. It does help to know that others manage to get on with their lives with the condition.

    Hi Susan, I’m so pleased that I’ve been able to inspire you. 

    Hi Amy, thank you. I’ve just heard on our Nation News about the rise in baby type 1 diabetes cases. Strange, isn’t it. And yes, surgery has certainly thrown her into a bit of a low (never heard that phrase ‘throw you for a loop’ but may try using it today!)

    Hi Anne, it’s been more of a challenge than I expected. Glad you finished it too. We did good!!

    Hi Friko, so glad you popped over. Yes, Leicester is twinned with Krefeld. My daughter went on a number of school trips to your home City with the school orchestra.

    Hi Rebecca, thanks. My daughter has been quite poorly but hopefully she’ll soon be back at work.

    Hi Melissa, thanks and I only hope I remember to keep looking at all those small treasures around us now that January is over.

  15. Hi Ros .. it seems just a fun Blogfest - and am so pleased you've succeeded and finished your small stones.

    You've had some monumental times in the past couple of years .. well done for coming through and hanging on in there ..

    Your husband, your mother, your grandson and your daughter .. may you have a peaceful quiet year ahead .. with thoughts - Hilary


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