Friday 3 February 2012

I like you, but I'm sorry, I don't love you

We can still be friends but I don’t want to feel that I’m tied to you.

That was not an easy thing to say, especially as I was talking to my Kindle. I thought this was going to be a lasting relationship but somehow things haven’t quite worked out between us. I know all the points in favour of my Kindle. 
  • I can take a whole pile of books on holiday with me and I don’t have to pay any excess baggage costs. 

  • I can open it up and there is the last page that I read, no risk of the bookmark sliding onto the floor leaving me growling with frustration. 

  • I can buy and start reading a new book at any time day or night, instantly. 

  • I can make the print larger when I’m feeling tired and the world is blurring before my eyes. 

  • I can tag good bits. 

  • I can search for specific words… 

...but it’s not a book!

Two days ago, when the frost was thick on the ground and I couldn’t face going out, I ordered some books from Amazon. They arrived this morning. They’re on the settee next to me as I type this and I keep glancing at them. I can’t wait to open them and start reading. I’ve missed a shiny front cover. I’ve missed flicking through the pages. I’ve missed being able to sniff the paper… [Did I really admit to that in public? Whoops!]

So I’m sorry, little red Kindle. [Yes, I even treated it to a flashy leather jacket.] I may still take you out occasionally because I quite like you, but it’s books that I really love and I guess I always will.

This is my 200th post.
Just thought I’d mention it. Hurray! J