Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Computers? They're easy once you know how.

Why is it that the computer has a way of making itself appear incredibly difficult until you know how? I’ve had friends who, not so long ago, were bewildered about how to use an email account but now they’re emailing as if it’s the easiest thing in the world, which of course it is… when you know how. Some of my friends are now wary of launching themselves into the blogging world because they’re not sure they know how. One of those friends has successfully dived in and you can find her at Thinking of the Days talking about everything from music to her allotment, cooking, family, life, the lot. Hopefully the others won’t be far behind because it really is easy once you know how.

Some time ago I set up a website because I wanted to connect with other writers but yet again it’s all about what you know and I now know that blogging and tweeting are the best ways to network, raise your profile as a writer and make lovely friends while you’re at it. So when the bill for next year’s website hosting arrived in my inbox I decided it was time for a restructure. Within the month my website will cease to exist. I’m transferring some of the content onto this blog. You’ve probably noticed that tabs have appeared above the title of this post. Of course, you won’t have noticed how many hours it took me to work out how to set up those tabs and additional blog pages and yet it’s simple now I know how.

Talking of lovely blogging friends, I’ve received some awards. Annalisa Crawford from Wake up, eat, write, sleep gave me the One Lovely Blog Award over a month ago. Apologies for the delay, Annalisa, but life’s been a bit hectic here.

Annalisa is a writer and fitness instructor and a lovely chatty blogger so please go and visit her blog. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

I’m passing this award to my friend Bridget at Thinking of the Days for being brave enough to dive in.

My other award is from Ruth who blogs at Out on a Limb. I met Ruth through Rachel’s Platform Building Campaign. She writes YA and she’s a chocolate lover, a blogger after my own heart, so all you YA writing, chocolate loving bloggers please go and visit her blog. It’s a must read.

Ruth has given me the Versatile Blogger Award and said that the rules insist I tell you seven things about me that you didn’t already know. Gosh! I doubt that there are seven things you don’t know about me so, as usual, I’m going to bend the rules and tell you about five firsts.

My first LP record was by Dionne Warwick
My first car was a turquoise Austin A40 Farina
My first holiday abroad was in Benidorm in the days before it was a TV series.
My first teaching post was as a History Teacher in Loughborough
My first published piece of writing was a short story called Waiting to be Rescued published in Best Women’s Magazine and if you’d like to click on the above tab marked short story you can read it.

I’m passing this award to my friend Maria at First Draft Café who, as @MariaAsmith, has done so much work to set up the #UKwriters group on Twitter.


  1. Hi Ros - something v. satisfying to get a computer to do what you want, isn't there? I think because however capricious they sometimes appear, it's all logical in the end (if sometimes convoluted!) Well done with your tabs. My wordpress blog also has all the features I need from a website,at least for now. Power to the people!

  2. Love the new look blog. As you say, it's all easy when we know how.

  3. Thank you for your lovely words. I'll be checking out the other blogs you've mentioned, and your new pages.

  4. You are so kind Ros, I am flattered you have awarded me. However, I have done it before! So hope you don't mind if I duck out of repeating it.

    Really enjoying all the news from #UKwriters do keep it going... ;-)

  5. Congratulations on the well deserved awards Rosalind. I love the new look too. I have made a few attempts at updating my blog...but have failed miserably! So I stand in awe!

  6. Congrats on the awards! And I find computers to be the thing that will always be hard. You learn e-mail, and then you have to learn how to build a website. You learn that through blogger, and then you have to learn HTML. It just never stops ;_;

  7. Oh, I know what you mean about things being scary until you dive in. I only have a cell phone for emergencies and so I have no idea how to send texts or upload apps. I'm actually glad to stay out of it for now, but I'm worried technology is getting so far ahead of me that someday when I *need* to use it, I won't have a clue how!

    Congrats on all the awards. So fun! :)

  8. Congrats on the awards and your blog looks wonderful, especially your new photo! I look forward to meeting your friend who is just starting out, and I can't wait to read your first short story! Julie

  9. As someone who works on digital inclusion I am going to send this blog link to a lady who is working out the best way to combine all the social media she needs to be involved in. How on earth did you do the tabs? Looks great!

  10. Thanks very much for the award Ros...but it's you who helped me to much to get the blog off the ground in the first place.

    Being technically incompetent, if I hadn't have plonked myself in your dining room and say "show me how",thinking of the days would never have got off the ground!

    Now, I'm loving the bloggin journey...adn do I ahve to passs the awrd on to some one else?

  11. Hi Ros .. great friends you've introduced .. and long may they enjoy blogging as we do.

    Awards .. I sit with them and feel very bad .. must change things around sometime ..

    Cheers Hilary

  12. Congratulations on your awards Ros, and what a lovely story. My heart was in my mouth at one stage!

  13. That fear of the unknown (blogging, email, etc) holds us back, and yet once we try it, it's wonderful. All the more reason to challenge ourselves past our fears.

  14. Hi Ali, working a computer is like a lateral thinking exercise, isn’t it.

    Hi Shirley, thanks and I’m glad you like the new look.

    Hi Annalisa and Maria, you’re both very welcome.

    Hi Ann, I think the worst about changing your blog is the fear that you’ll spoil it and not be able to get it back again. There is a way of backing your template up but I haven’t mastered that yet.

    Hi Gwen, ermm. HTML? Do I have to learn how to use HTML next? *sigh*

    Hi Amy, I have to admit that I do love texting and playing around on my mobile. The more you play around the better you get at it I suppose.

    Hi Julie, glad you like the new blog and the photo is perhaps a tad too realistic. It shows off a few bumpy bits where my waist line is no longer but *shrugs* what can you do?

    Hi Susan, how exciting. I do hope that my blog really can help your colleague.

    Hi Bridget, I did the same with the rest of the group too but you’re the only one with a blog up and running so the award is well deserved and yes do please hand it on to other bloggers. Awards are a lovely way of spreading the word about interesting bloggers.

    Hi Hilary and glad you’ve enjoyed meeting some new bloggers. There are so many out there, aren’t there!

    Hi Sarah, glad you enjoyed the story. It has a special place in my heart as it was my first.

    Hi Southpaw, it had a back window that sloped inwards too and little quarter light windows that never closed. I loved that car.

    Hi Joanne, I’m glad I finally overcame my fears of setting up those blooming tabs ;-)

  15. Congratulations on the lovely and well deserved awards.

    It's so true about things being easy when you know how. I love blogging and chatting with people throughout the blogosphere, but I get really frustrated when I'm having to learn how to set something up on the blog. It takes hard work to make something look easy. :)

  16. I've been trying to work out how to set up additional pages on my blog for ages. Must try harder!

  17. It's easy when you know how.I've only been blogging for 6 mths and had to work it all out myself.I didn't know you could have extra pages and tabs with blogger I was even thinking of going to word press for that.I also can't find pictures that move like you have.Will have to get onto blogger and search. Well done in getting it all to your liking.

  18. Just thought I'd say thanks for making me search blogger and try to add pages.I did and it worked I'm so chuffed with myself and all because you said you had done it!


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