Sunday, 5 July 2020


Today I typed two blog posts moaning about Leicester being back in lockdown and then deleted them.

I then typed a post about the nasty reaction I had to antibiotics last weekend and how ill I've been this week. I deleted that too. It didn't make for a fun read.

So what does that leave to talk about? Well, my 100 word piece was accepted for publication by 100 Words of Solitude. The website was set up by a group of University lecturers who wanted to record 'intimate moments, behaviours and feelings from real life in the time of Coronorvirus' from around the world. The site is well worth a visit. I was particularly pleased with the way they introduced my piece. They said that I had delicately and intimately detailed the dramatic changes to life in lockdown at the start of isolation.
You can read my piece here.

For those of you who love words like I do I thought I'd share a podcast that I've been listening to this week. It's called Something Rhymes With Purple and it's by Gyles Brandreth and Susie Dent.  It's not too serious about itself and it has helped me to pass a few relaxing hours this last week so I thought I'd share it with you.


  1. You’ve captured the feeling of solitude there beautifully, Ros. Well done on having your piece accepted! It’s very evocative. I wish I could get to listen to these podcasts. Sadly, I’m always running to keep up with myself to stop and listen a while.

    1. Being busy is good, Val. I tend to listen to the podcasts in bed at night. It stops my mind from worrying.

  2. certainly hope you are feeling better. It's horrible when the cure is worse than the problem. And yes, I type stuff and delete - I suppose that helps a bit to just get it out of the system, but not bring anyone down more also. I see some friends social distance style and we can't help but just ramble - lots of what ifs and bemoanings. You are welcome to join the crew. Your poem does evoke a lot. Take care


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