Saturday, 20 June 2020

The Many Phases of Lockdown

It's been over twelve weeks now and I'm ok most of the time but every now and then I feel as if I might be about to unravel. I've passed through many phases of lockdown:

The clearing out cupboards phase: I've found make-up that was over ten years old, empty boxes and odd socks - very odd socks.

The jigsaw phase: That didn't last long. I only have three jigsaws and I've done them so many times the pieces could place themselves. 

Experimenting with new food recipes phase: This might have been more successful if I could have gone to the shops and if the online supermarket hadn't run out of flour and yeast and sugar. Toilet rolls I can almost understand but sugar? Really?

Trialling keep fit videos on YouTube phase: I still have the pain in my shoulder. Fortunately my online supermarket does have a supply of Ibuprofen Gel.

Watching films on Netflix phase: Eyestrain

Reading books on Kindle phase: Eyestrain

Walking round and round the garden phase: Dizziness

The piano and guitar playing phase: Abandoned in deference to my neighbours' sanity.

So what phase comes next? Let's hope it's the return to normal life phase... whatever normal is.

What phases of lockdown have you passed through?


  1. Funnily enough, Ros, I’ve also mentioned a weariness and fatigue in my blog. For me it’s a combination of end of academic year and general feelings of malaise about the whole situation. Luckily, I’ve had work, but if I hadn’t I think I’d also be ice-bearing (as the Dutch call constant pacing) round the boat.

    1. Good to hear from you, Val. Well, I've popped over to your blog and am now drooling at the amazing walks and trips you're able to have whilst still under lockdown - even if it is now partial lockdown. On the other hand I suspect I'd feel even more dizzy ice-bearing around a boat.

    2. Ah Ros, I shall pray that you can get out and about a bit more too soon. If people are sensible and responsible, it's possible to feel quite safe 'out there.' Look after yourself!

  2. I've been able to go to work, to grocery shop, and we visit Ray's folks (staying 6 feet away). I'm still reading plenty and watching Netflix. I did do the sort through old photos phase - that was nice. I'm in the Bummer Summer can't travel phase - wish I could fly to Philly to see my dad without fear. Hang tough, my friend

    1. You hang tough too, Joanne. I hope you can get to see your dad safely very soon xx

  3. Your post made my day . Even I finished all these phases thinking what to do next

  4. All of the above except for the guitar playing. Zoom meetings have played a big part too, but not like the real thing. I shan't be going clothes shopping or to the pub any time soon - I'll wait until the night clubs and casinos open!


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