Monday 20 July 2020

From Far Away 1904 - a Poem

Today I have a poem published in The Copperfield Review. This is a fascinating site specialising in historical fiction and historical poetry. Regular visitors to this blog will understand why I was particularly attracted to the publication - right up my street!

Here is the link for the poem:  From Far Away 1904.

I've been quite distracted from my writing of late especially as Leicester is still in extended lockdown but I have been doing writing of sorts. I've been emailing my Member of Parliament, my local councillors, the Town Mayor and anyone else who will listen. I know I'm only one small voice but it felt good to make that voice heard, especially as I have had responses and have been in conversation with these leaders.

One of my frustrations is that social media is full of photos of groups gathering in our local parks and people having large social gatherings in their houses. What is the point of a lockdown if it's only being observed by the most reliable members of a community? There's more, a lot more, but for now I will put all those frustrations to the back of my mind and enjoy the poem that I've just had published. I can recommend their site for a good read and, as an added bonus for any writers of historical fiction or poetry, they pay for our work.

Stay safe x