Thursday, 13 April 2017

I Have Happy Feet

There's nothing that lifts the spirits more than a bit of escapism and that's what we got yesterday. We went to see 42nd Street at London's Drury Lane Theatre and I have to say that 'escapism' is an understatement. If you get the chance to go then please do. Compared to the film, they paint the love story angle with a very light brush. On the other hand, to continue a painting analogy, the dance sequences are produced in primary, poster-paint colours. They are amazing, truly stunning, a stage full of glittering, tap-dancing stars, all moving in perfect formation, in perfect time with the music. There are fabulous stage effects too, one uses a mirror lowered slowly onto the stage to change the effects of the sequence-style routine. You've got to go and see it, really!

I could enthuse about the dancing all day but there's more. The Victorians really knew how to design a theatre. The ceilings and walls are so highly decorated that as soon as you step into the Drury Lane you feel as if you've entered a fantasy land. It sets the scene so perfectly for this kind of show.

During the interval, in the queue for the ladies, a young girl wearing a pretty, red party frock was tapping away, throwing her arms around, twirling her skirt.

"Do you have tap lesson?" I asked.

"No," she said looking at her mother longingly.

It reminded me of when I was a kid. I used to pretend I could tap dance. I'll let you into a secret, between you and me, I still do, in the kitchen when there's no one else around. Those dance routines yesterday had me wanting to get up and dance just like when I was a kid. I'm convinced that tap dancing is inside every excited young girl and it stays there as we grow old. We just learn to hide it - most of the time.

I'm adding below a link to the official site where you can get a taster of the show with all those famous songs including We're in the Money, The Lullaby of Broadway, Keep Young and Beautiful, I Only Have Eyes For You and of course, 42nd Street.

42nd Street Musical

Cat Update: I've taken both cats off that medication (see previous post) and I have my happy, relaxed girls back again. I've spoken to the vet and he's agreed we keep a low-key eye on them and let them get on with their lives without being dosed up to their little feline eyeballs.

MA Update: Crikey! (polite expletive replacing what I really was thinking!) I've only got another two weeks before I hand in my assignment and I'm barely halfway through it. Best be going...


  1. It sounds brilliant! I love the theatre. Nothing's better than escaping in song and dance.

  2. sounds like a glorious day at the theater. I'm tap dancing in the kitchen just based on this post.
    and crikey! good luck - I have no doubt you'll finish your semester with a bang up job

  3. Hi Ros - sounds fantastic and so glad you and that happy little girl of yore was around in the ladies' making sure you remembered your youth! Brilliant - glad the cats are ok, and yes I hope you've worked hard today ... good luck with finishing it off ... and then many congratulations ... cheers Hilary

  4. Ros, the show sounds absolutely wonderful...and I so agree with you about tap dancing! It's just the most infectious thing and I still want to do it although I never have! Now get on with your assignment! Keeping everything crossed for you, and also for the moggies!

  5. I totally agree that escapism lifts the spirit and is very good for the soul. Having been to quite a few theatres in London I do so agree with what you say. "They don`t make them like they used to" Hope the cats continue their improvement and as regards the M.A.-what will you do when that is finished? A doctorate maybe! Petra.


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