Wednesday 24 October 2012

Winter is Coming

North Wind is in training.
He’s sparring and teasing like Ali once did.

The dustbins are tumbling.
They’re spewing out litter from ill-secured lids.

Our old fence is shaking.
The fence posts are rotten and can’t stand the fight.

Sash windows are rattling.
They're causing insomnia right through the night.

Our swing seat is naked.
No more lazy lunches while we sit and sway.

The canopy’s dismantled
To stop Wind from lifting it up and away.

Oh yes, Wind means business.
He’s pulled on his gloves with a duck and a dive.

He’s punching our garden
And kicking detritus all over our drive.

Go reset the heating
And put all your t-shirts away until spring,

Cause winter is coming.
Wind's left hook has knocked summer out of the ring.