Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Virtual Chocolate and Wine

As promised here are the prizes for those who commented in rhyme on National Poetry Day.

There’s something rather special about writing within the constraints of a strict metre and rhyme. I inevitably start off saying one thing but, in a strange way, the constrictions lead me to say something quite different and often better. If you haven’t tried it then you should... at least once!

Some of my best blogging friends are among the winners below. I love visiting their blogs so I’m going to include their blog links with my presentation so you can enjoy them to. And so....

Virtual chocolate and wine goes to:

Susan Flett Swiderski who blogs at I think; therefore, I Yam

Duncan D. Horne who you’ll find at Our Home Called Kuantan. Duncan used to live in my very own Leicester, UK, but he's now loving living in Malaysia.

Jo who blogs at Gap Years The Book and will shortly be making a guest appearance on my blog to talk about her latest scary trek in Nepal (you can find out all about it in her book Hidden Tiger Raging Mountain.)

Delores who you can find at The Feathered Nest

Julie a lovely friend from Empty Nest Insider

Anne who blogs at Is Anyone There? and who has become a firm friend thanks to Twitter.

Lauren who is a new visitor to my blog and has her own blog at Book in the Oven

Amy who blogs at The Green Bathtub (I just love some of these blog names! Must start asking people why.)

Joanne who you’ll find at Word Splash

And last but (as they say) by no means least, the lovely Robyn who blogs at Life by Chocolate. Even when life turns tough for Robyn, her blog posts still brighten my day.

I hope you won't be waiting until next year's National Poetry Day to write another poem. In fact, I think you should take a chocolate, help yourself to a glass or two and pen a poem now... and don't forget to share it with us! 


  1. Oh joy - virtual wine and chocolate! Thank you, Ros.

    Is it too early for a tipple? No, I thought not - cheers!

  2. Thanks for the wine and chocolates Ros and the links to new blogs I can read. Love the moving pictures.

  3. Thanks for selecting me Ros! I think I'll pass up on the wine but I'll take all the chocolate you've got!
    Hop over to my blog today to support me in my stand against bullying.

  4. I am virtually enjoying the chocolate and wine.

  5. thanks for including me in the virtual party. What fun! And indeed, I enjoyed reading all of the post comments/poems

  6. Well deserved wine & chocolates all around! :)

  7. Woo HOO! Thanks for the virtual chocolate and wine. Mighty tasty. (And no calories!)

  8. Hi Ros .. great list of winners - and I need to visit them all to read their poems ..

    You're right - why do people call their blogs that name! Crazy .. green bathtub - is great ... actually writing in the rain seems a little silly?! - but if you're safely warm and just watching the raindrops patter down the pane - good time to write ..

    I'd better start practising for next year ... cheers Hilary

  9. Thanks so much for the decadent chocolates and wine Rosalind! I hope you don't mind that I took seconds! Sorry that I didn't see this earlier, but I really appreciate your kind words. Now if only I had written a better poem! Julie


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