Thursday 4 October 2012

It's National Poetry Day

The 4th of October is Poetry Day.
I hope you’ve all taken the time
To ensure that your writing and clever word play
Is exploding with rhythm and rhyme.

Write your daily to do list in long ballad form
Leave the milkman a note in Haiku
Your sonnet style emails will go down a storm.
Why not tweet out a tanka or two.

I’m trying to make sure I talk all in rhyme
Using couplets and triplets galore
But I wish it was over til next year this time
Cause I can’t keep it up any more.

I'll give virtual chocolates and wine
For comments with rhythm and rhyme! 

[OK and all right, it was only a joke
Tho I know blogger land's full of poetry folk.]

You can find out more about National Poetry Day at their website