Sunday 12 February 2012

We won the Quiz!

So I've devised a quiz for you to do too...

Last night our team won at our local Annual Fish & Chips Quiz night. We've been going to this quiz for years and never come anywhere near winning. It must have been the extreme cold. It must have sharpened up our brains.

I was hoping the prize might be chocolate. Only hours earlier I'd wandered the house looking for chocolate. Even something with a covering of chocolate that I could lick would have done. I couldn't find a thing. Not even a pot of drinking chocolate to shove a dampened finger into. I'd eaten the lot. [What do you do when you've run out of chocolate? I ate some dried dates instead but it wasn't the same.]

I seemed to remember that last year the quiz organisers gave chocolate to the winners so I have to admit I did jump up and down a little. Unfortunately the prize turned out to be bottles of wine and, as regular visitors to this blog might remember, I don't drink. *sigh* Still never mind. It gave me an idea for today's blog post.

During the supper part of the evening we were given a fun quiz to keep us out of mischief while we waited for our turn to collect freshly fried fish and chips. It was rather a long wait as we were on table10 and had to wait for our number to be called but they were well worth the wait, delicious and steaming hot, and the supper-time quiz was good fun too so I thought I'd devise a similar one for you. It consists of pictures showing parts of food and grocery items, with apologies to those of you who live in countries where these items are not available. All you have to do is to identify the product and brand for each of the ten pictures below.

There are no actual prizes for the winners but I'm offering a virtual prize instead. I will put a link to your blog or website, or whatever it is you're wanting to promote, on my next blog post and give you some shout-outs on Twitter if you manage to score ten out of ten in the quiz. Please post your answers plus your blog link in the comments below. I'll announce the winners next week.

The Quiz