Friday, 15 July 2011

That Special Thinking Place

Do you have a special thinking place in your home, a place where you can ponder a difficult plot twist, work out a supper menu for guests or maybe chant a meditation mantra?

When I was a kid I used to escape to the end of our garden. It was only a small garden but through my little eyes it was a long way from our house. I used to sit on our swing and lose myself in the movement of the sky. This is a much-cherished photo of that swing with my big sister and me.

These days I have a few favourite places to sit in our house. A lot of my writing is done at the dining table. It’s a substantial piece of furniture which Mr A had made from old, oak floor joists. If we ever have to shift it we’ll need an elephant and tackle.

For inspiration I sometimes sit halfway down the stairs. The landing window looks out over the tops of the fir trees. I love that view... even if it does make me feel a bit like Kermit’s nephew, [a TV Muppet Show reference!]

The best view of all is from our bedroom window. The sun sets behind a row of poplar trees and some evenings the colours are so amazing I can hardly believe they’re real. This is my special place for a quiet thought, a hope, a prayer...

...and now I have a new favourite place which takes me right back to my childhood... only in a more sedate fashion. We’ve bought a garden swing-seat.

I thought it would be an ideal place to get on with some serious writing but there’s only one problem. This is the view...

Where’s your favourite place?



  1. Hey Rosalind... i think my favourite place would be your swing seat too! My favourite place resides (at the moment) only in my head. Till I make that a reality I, like you, am at my kitchen table!!!

  2. I love to work out plot twists while running or walking. Usually if I'm sitting still it doesn't work. But to read, I'd love to find a soft bench in a secret garden!

  3. Roz, you have a huge yard and trees. All the greenery looks so mature and established. The picture of you and sister is so precious. I love looking at old photos. What will we pass on, a computer filled with pictures? Your new swing looks delightful. A place for reverie.

  4. Your garden looks gorgeous. We also have a lovely garden where I love to write, read and ponder. One day, I'll get round to posting pictures of it....

  5. Hi Ros, you garden is fabulous!

    I have two favourite areas to sit, contemplate, write or whatever, one is our pergola lounge, this is outside and I can spred out on the large sofa. The other is on our upstairs terrace, though I am distracted up there as the views across the ocean are amazing! Enjoy you lovely new swing! x

  6. Wow, what a beautiful garden and view! I don't really have a special place, I usually just sprawl on the sofa with my laptop. Like Laura, I also love coming up with ideas while I'm out walking. That seems to work best for me.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. You may never get any writing done with that view! Lovely :)

    My hubby & son are building a low deck in our yard right now - I'm hoping that's going to be my place!

  8. I love your beautiful garden, your swing and the lovely picture with your sister! I don't have a favorite writing place. Sometimes I even keep a notepad by my bed. I'm just happy when the computer cooperates. Julie

  9. I wish I had a garden like that. I love my back deck, but the bugs are so bad this year. We had to call an exterminator to help with a yellow jacket problem. Our kids kept getting stung every time they went outside. It's been crazy.

  10. My, what a view!!

    I don't have a fave writing place because it changes with the time of day and year, but I do love to sit in my small alcove surrounded by my three aquariums. It is soothing to watch the fish play, and somehow it gives me a perspective, to my frustrations and anger, which very soon melt away :)

  11. Your garden is gorgeous. Often I find my best thinking place to be in the car.

  12. Hi Barbara, I love that photo of your kitchen table!

    Hi Laura, I'm completely the opposite. My best ideas come when I'm sitting very still, preferably with my lovely fountain pen ready to write.

    Thanks Manzanita, and I agree with you about our photograph legacy for the future. It just won't be the same, will it.

    Hi Miriam, thanks and looking forward to seeing your garden.

    Hi Pauline, yes I can well imagine that your view of the sea can be very distracting.

    Hi Julie, sprawling on the sofa sounds good to me.

    Hi Jemi, that deck sounds good. Hope it turns out to be the place where best-sellers are created!

    Thanks Julie, I have a notepad by the bed too. I often scrawl an idea down in the dark. It always reads as a bit weird in the morning but it helps me to remember.

    Hi Ciara, sorry to hear about your bug problem. That sounds like a real pain.

    Hi Damyanti, aquariums! Wow! That sounds brilliant.

    Hi Jenny, hope you don't do too much thinking in the car. Don't forget to concentrate on the road!!

  13. That looks like a peaceful place. I actually think well in my office when I'm playing my guitar. Probably because I'm not focused on the view but the music.

  14. Roasalind, I really enjoyed your poem and tried to write a comment, but I'm not sure if it went through. I thought the Poetry Schmoetry Blogfest sign up was closed, but then I saw that it expired at the end of today. So try to check if there's a problem with your comment button, so the rest of your fans could cheer you on! Julie

  15. I love your swing seat and your garden! It prompted me to ponder whether I should invest in one, but I'm not sure I would get enough use with the weather.

    I recently set up my own place in our house as a home office. I love going in there and closing the door. It really is great to have a place where you can go and work.

  16. Beautiful view! When I need some time to think, I gravitate to busy places where I can people watch. Something about it just gets my ideas going.


  17. Hi Alex, that's amazing. When I play the guitar I have to concentrate so hard on the chords and the pains in my fingertips (I don't do it that often) that I couldn't possibly be creative too.

    Thanks Julie, I love writing those sorts of rhymes (they all start to sound the same after a while though!) I guessed I was too late but it was such a lovely name that I thought I'd give it a whirl anyway! The poem is on my website blog and yes your comment came through loud and clear. Thanks.

    Hi Rebecca, you're right. The weather is stopping me from sitting on my seat this week *sigh* Your office sounds cozy.

    Hi Misha and thanks. Yes, people watching is good too but I need to be somewhere quiet for creative inspiration.

  18. Ah, I see your problem.
    I tend to write on my living room couch or at my computer but I have a hard time staying in when the weather's nice. I don't get as much writing done when I'm outside.
    Those are great pictures, especially the first one.
    Be well.

  19. I LOVE when Kermi's nephew (I think his name was Robin?) sang that song!

    My favourite place in winter is in my bedroom (away from the family noise) or in an old armchair by our woodfire. In summer I like to sit at the big table in our outdoor bar room (built rough from scraps of timber). I hope to one day have stairs, and will remember to put in a little window halfway up :)

  20. Hi Rosalind .. looks just wonderful and a real special place .. I'd love a swing garden seat .. one day! Rocking chair too .. beautiful view .. and I love the picture of you and your sister .. special - ooooh the elephant and the tackle sound fun! Cheers Hilary


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