Friday, 29 July 2011

Misha's Guest

I’m a guest over at Misha’s blog today. I’m talking about memories. Regulars to this blog will know that I’m a bit of a nostalgia obsessive. Haven’t I warned you all about it in my bio? But I’ve also made money through memory writing. It’s not all self-indulgence, so do please go on over to Misha’s blog and find out how.

Talking of nostalgia, I’ve looked back over some of my old blog posts and, it’s true. I am somewhat obsessive.

Here I’ve talked about quirky old cars from when I was a kid....

...and here and here I’ve posted up some old sepia photographs of my Grandma and Great Aunts.

...and... hmm... there are too many posts to list. Even posts about other things seem to come back to the topic of memories, right down to my recent blog post here about swinging in the back garden.

So what’s your favourite childhood memory?

Have you ever used a memory as a starting point for writing?

And have you been over to Misha’s blog yet? ;-)



  1. I love taking trips down memory lane. I had a wonderful childhood - filled with love - so I have a lot of favourite memories :)

  2. How wonderful, Jemi. I hope I've been able to help you think happy thoughts then! :-)

  3. My favourite childhood memory, hmm, being pulled down the stairs in my blanket by my brother and sister. It hurt but was so much fun!

    Duncan In Kuantan

  4. Hi Duncan, sounds like a lovely memory, if a bit painful.

  5. Hi Ros .. I'll be over to see you at Misha's .. I think riding my bicycle around the garden lots!, climbing trees lots .. and just sitting in the wind - it was a silver birch and it swayed at the top ... fresh fruit and veg .. picking apples up the trees .. happy times ..

    I love your nostalgia photos and posts .. great to see .. cheers - lovely sunny day down here .. Hilary

  6. I look forward to your nostalgia posts! I'll also pop over to Misha's to read your latest. Julie


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