Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Good news at last...

... even if it does mean another change.

I’m always going on about how much I hate changes and it’s true. Even as I type this, Mr A is cutting down a wisteria. I fought for that wisteria to live. It provides green leaves outside our bedroom window but Mr A was adamant. The problem is that it hasn’t flowered for about ten years now and, as Mr A says, “What use is a wisteria that doesn’t flower?” 

He’s got a new one to take its place but it’ll be years before it reaches those heights and now I’m going to have to look at bricks from my window instead of leaves... I hate changes.

But there’s one change soon to arrive in our house that I won’t hate at all. Mr A is getting his driving licence back!! After one and a half years of having to rely on me to drive him everywhere he’ll be regaining his independence. All he’s waiting for is the licence to arrive in the post. It’s almost like a kid waiting for the postman on his birthday.

When his eye sight was first affected he was on a course of chemotherapy, high dose steroids and Gabapentin. The specialists still aren’t sure if it was his condition or the treatment that caused the problem but either way he couldn't see well enough to drive. I’ve always been a reluctant distance driver and so we were both uncomfortable in our new roles as 'me the driver' and 'him the passenger'.

For much of last year I drove no further than the hospital and back because he was so ill, but over the last few months his health has improved and he’s been eager to travel once more.  I’ve had no choice and in a way it’s done me good. My driving confidence has improved no end. I’ve driven to Manchester and back two weekends ago and down to London last weekend and I’m determined not to lose that confidence once he’s driving again...

...although there is something that I definitely will be losing, exclusive use of our car! But one look at the grin on his face makes it well worth it... I think!



  1. Congratulations to you both!

  2. Great news!

    Although sorry about the Wisteria! But you can watch and encourage the new one

  3. I am so pleased to hear this and I bet Mr A is too, though a tad envious. Mr B can not drive because of very poor eyesight and I hate driving! He had to give up driving at the age if 39..... never mind I might win the lottery and then hire a driver.... :) So happy for you! xx

  4. That's wonderful news. Oh, but I would have fought for the wisteria too.

  5. How wonderful! I can just imagine how thrilled and relieved you and Mr. A both are. :)

    I know I would miss the wisteria outside my window too, that's a shame.

  6. The important thing is its regaining things and that must be so heartening...where will he drive first?

  7. Definitely worth it!! That's wonderful news. There's nothing like having the license to affirm your independence. Enjoy sharing that driver role from now on! :)

  8. Hi Sylvia, thanks.

    Hi Barbara, I know and it's only a plant but it is very small at the moment!

    Hi Pauline, thank you and I'm so sorry there couldn't be similar news for Mr B... Do you do the lottery? So many people plan what to do when they win and then never buy a ticket! lol

    Hi L.G. and thanks.

    Hi Julie, I've not quite got my head round it yet. It'll strange seeing him driving off down the road.

    Hi Susan, it is heartening but I suspect his first drive will be to the doctor's surgery.

    Hi Jemi, I'm certainly looking forward to being able to share the driving especially distances.

  9. Sorry you lost the wisteria battle. Even when they don't bloom, they are pretty. The good news far outshines that loss, though. That's great for both of you. Congratulations!

  10. Shame about the wisteria but it's brilliant that Mr A can see well enough again that he can drive.

  11. I am sooooo with you about the wisteria. I'd fight for it too but I suppose you need a compromise of sorts. Happy Mr. A got his lic. back. I worry about passing my next eye test for my lic. too.
    Take care.....Manzanita

  12. Oh, so sad about the wisteria, but all things in the garden need to be rotated out every now and than for the sake of the garden.
    Congrats on the changes for both you and Mr. A.

  13. Hi Ros ..sorry to see the Wisteria go - they are magnificent plants .. but if another is on its way - that's good news.

    How excellent hubby is feeling better and wants to get out and about .. but the break has given you something too - that confidence .. so as you say don't lose it - use it! Enjoy the travels .. so pleased for you both - Hilary

  14. Thanks Robyn, yes the wisteria is certainly an insignificant compared to the driving.

    Hi Linda and thanks.

    Hi Manzanita, good luck with your next test. Having that licence makes such a difference to your life.

    Thanks Nancy, and I agree that things in the garden need changing... I'm just not too good at change!

    Hi Hilary, yes I have gained something from all this and I do hope I don't lose that confidence now.

  15. Alex Gutteridge said...27 Jul 2011, 11:16:00

    Sorry about the wisteria but the new one will hopefully be magnificent and worth the sacrifice! In the meantime bricks can be beautiful too! Congrats to Mr. A - wonderful news and for you too. Just the thought of knowing that you can share the driving makes long distances more bearable.

  16. That's great news. I'm so glad he has his license back. I know how much I depend on mine, so can imagine how it must have felt to have it taken away. May you now have many relaxed long distance drives.

  17. I'm so glad that your husband is doing well enough to get his license back! I'm sure the new wisteria will bloom in time. Keep taking such excellent care of your hubby! Julie

  18. Sorry about the Wisteria, and congrats on the other change! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier to comment.

  19. Oh, that's fantastic, Rosalind! I'm so pleased to hear Mr A is improving!

  20. Very good news!
    Glad for your husband & you!

  21. What great news for both of you - I know what a reluctant long distance driver you've been and kudos for all the mileage you've done.
    It'll be great for him to be more independent and for you to be more relaxed.

  22. I love wisteria. Sad that the old bush had to come down, but imagine how nice your house will look with a flowering wisteria vine crawling up your wall.

    I'm thrilled to hear that your husband is getting his independence back. It's so important to us all to be able to function on our own.

  23. Hi Rosalind,

    So happy for you and your hubby. I had to cut a wisteria down three years ago due to building works (we were rendering that elevation at the time) and I was heartbroken. But so pleased MR A can drive again. You must let us know where he takes you off first!

  24. Having read about what your Mr. A was going through when first sick, am so happy to learn that he has recovered very well.

    Am impressed about you driving to London. When last I visited that city, I found it hard to cross the streets (looked wrong way each time) and saw cars whizzing by those roundabouts. So pleased I didn't have to drive there.

  25. Gosh, I couldn't stand not being able to drive. So glad that Mr. A is back behind the wheel.

    Tossing It Out

  26. I've never driven in my life and my wife is the one with the license. Guess it's different living in a small town though - everything we need I can get it by walking or cycling!

    Duncan In Kuantan

  27. Hi Alex, that's exactly what Mr A said, "Bricks are beautiful too!"

    Hi Rebecca yes driving was a big part of his life... and it's the same for most of us these days.

    Thanks Julie, Talli and Margie and you're welcome Damyanti.

    Hi Ann, I do feel very proud of the distances I've driven but my shoulders are, as I type, throbbing from last weekend's visit to London. Can't wait to share it.

    Hi Misha, there's nothing more beautiful than a fully flowering wisteria. Hopefully I'll post up a picture some time in the future.

    Hi Elpi, I will let you know although his first drive will probably be to the DIY store. He's obsessed *yawn*

    Hi Marisa, yes he has improved so much since last year and I was impressed with the London driving bit too... although you may not have been so impressed if you'd seen me taking wrong turnings and going round in circles!

    Hi Lee, Mr A would have said the same as you before all this happened. He is/was/will be again such an independent guy!

    Hi Duncan, I can't conceive of never having learnt to drive. I had my first driving lesson on my 17th birthday (yes, a long time ago!) and I've been driving ever since.

  28. Think of all the extra time you'll have to get creative when you don't have to drive all the time :)

    Wagging Tales - Blog for Writers

  29. I followed the bread crumbs from Misha's blog. Nice meeting you and I hope that whatever replaces that wisteria is a nice flowering plant.

  30. Great news, except about the wisteria. I'm on your side on that one!


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