Sunday 19 June 2011

Cute and Tagged all in one week

A Seriously Cute Blogger

Yes, it would seem that I’ve had my cover blown. Under this serious, stern, assiduous exterior I am cute. 

It must be true because the lovely Pauline Barclay said so. All I have to do is to list out 5 books/films/TV prgrammes I've read/watched in the last 12 months so: 

1.  FILM: I’m not a film fanatic but I have recently seen Casablanca again. I love that film. “Here’sh looking at ya, kid.”

2.  BOOK: Wuthering Heights for my book group. I fell in love with it as a teenager but we all agreed that read through mature eyes it’s a brutal book rather than a love story.

3.  BOOK: The Hating Game by blogger friend, Talli Roland, was a great read and a good laugh. Looking forward to the next one, Talli.

4.  TV: Have I got news for you. I just love the banter between Paul Merton and Ian Hislop.

5.  TV: Strictly Come Dancing. Isn't it time for the next series yet?!

And here's my award, 'Aaah, cute!'

Tagged: And now Jemi Fraser has tagged me with 7 questions so here goes: 

Are you hot?
Yes, I’m roasting *waves face with hand*... no, I’m frozen *grabs jumper*... yes, I’m on fire *clutches burning cheeks*... [How long do I have to put up with these sweats!?]

Upload a picture or wall paper you are using at the moment.

Delphiniums from the garden. 

Mum used to read me the poem about geraniums red and delphiniums blue. I talked with her about it the day before she died and told her that the flowers would always remind me of her. 

They’re beautiful.

When was the last time you ate chicken meat?
Last Friday night. I’ve devised this great way of cooking chicken, potatoes and root vegetables in a large shallow dish in the oven. Hardly any washing up and it gives us chicken soup for starters too. Delicious.

Songs you listened to recently?
Loving You by Minnie Ripperton on my car CD.
Summertime by Cleo Laine to remind me of the Strictly Gershwin programme we went to see at the Royal Albert Hall last Thursday. Fabulous.

What were you thinking as you were doing this?
The Royal Albert Hall. It was my first ever visit and entering the auditorium brought tears to my eyes.

Do you have nicknames?
Dad used to call me Rosie. Rod calls me Petal. There’s a theme emerging.

Tag eight Blogger friends.
In keeping with my recent blog about childhood games, this tagging business has made me think about the game of tic tic in the playground. Quite often I’d be one of those kids running away from no one. I’d not even get ticked if I stood still. I’d try to pretend it didn’t matter but it did.

It’s lovely to be tagged but it’s hard to choose those who I want to tag because I’d like to tag you all. 
If you’re a regular visitor here then I may have recently sent you an award or maybe I don’t know you’re a regular. 
[Do please leave a comment. Just ‘hi’ would be great and then I’ll know you’ve popped by.] 
Or maybe you’ve just been tagged in which case I’m going to give you a choice...

So I’m going to pass either Jemi’s tag with its 7 questions or Pauline’s Seriously Cute Blogger with its 5 books/programmes [you choose] to:

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