Monday, 29 March 2021

Worm Moon plus lots of Festivals

Last night was the Worm Moon, the third full moon of the year. I didn't see it. The clouds were thick, the wind was vicious, but I knew that Worm Moon was there, somewhere above the swirling nebulae. (Did you know that every full moon has a name? I thought that only applied to the Harvest Moon.)

Apparently it's called Worm Moon because the earth has warmed up enough for the worms to come to the surface, providing a culinary perk for robins and various other small birds. I only have to watch our resident robin and his partner to know that this is correct.

This year the Worm Moon is also called the Paschal Moon because it's the first full moon after the Spring Equinox. This got me thinking. Paschal is from the Aramaic 'pasha' and the Hebrew 'pesah'. It means 'the passing over'. The word refers to both the Christian festival of Easter and the Jewish festival of Passover/Pesach, (it's in Exodus Chapter 12 verses 13 to 23). If I'm interpreting it correctly both festivals, although very different in practice, are about freedom and salvation. 

They're not the only festivals occurring this time of the year. It is rather a busy time for festivals. So here's the festival run-down. I hope that I've illustrated them appropriately and that I haven't missed any:

Last week the Spring Equinox was celebrated by Pagans.

The Spring Equinox is the new year in Iran and is called Nowruz.

The Jewish festival of Passover began on Saturday evening and lasts for eight days.

Yesterday (Sunday) was the first day of the Hindu festival of Holi. 

Today is the Muslim festival of Shab-e-Barat. 

Today is also the Sikh festival of Hola Mahalla.

The Christian festival of Easter begins this week with Maundy Thursday followed by Good Friday. 

I don't pretend to understand the finer nuances of all these festivals but I have a feeling that incorporated in all of them is a hope/prayer for freedom, peace and security. If we all hoped/prayed together then maybe our joint voices would have an effect. Now, wouldn't that be a result!

Whatever festival you are observing right now, have a good one.


  1. Ros, that is a beautiful, inspiring message. I had no idea there were so many festivals at this time of year, but I am with you 100% that we should all join together in a prayer for freedom, peace and security and the hope that we can achieve it. As for Worm Moon, I rather like that. I didn't know about it either.

    1. Yes, it would be brilliant if everybody would join together but... Have a lovely Easter, Val x

  2. Stuart Langford30 Mar 2021, 11:36:00

    Lovely piece of writing. I saw the Worm Moon, even though it had been cloudy all day...late at night the sky cleared as the wind blew the grey away, and suddenly it was like being in a searchlight beam...white, crisp, strong, bright light. And today the birds are noshing well in the it works doesn't it!

    1. Wow! I would have loved to see that searchlight beam and yes, it does indeed work. The birds are particularly vocal here this week.

  3. That explains the increased bird activity! Thank you. Thinking positive x

    1. It does and the sun is helping us to think positive x

  4. Gotta say the Worm Moon was crazy large and glowing in Texas. I'll celebrate anything at anytime. I think so many festivals are in "spring" because everyone came out of their caves back in the day and were so grateful for some sunshine and some new stuff growing that could be eaten. There are a lot of celebrations going on in TX and more pop-up tents with vendors, etc. It is a fun time of year because we aren't sweating to death.

    All the best to you with Passover and your holy days. Stay safe and healthy with Mr. A.

    Cheers my friend

    1. Thanks, Joanne. I seem to be the only one to miss Worm Moon. Sounds amazing. Agreed about the spring thing - we're only just emerging from our cave. It's been glorious here in the UK today.


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