Wednesday, 2 December 2020

Vaccinations and making music

Out of Lockdown - Woohoo!


Placed in Tier 3 (the most restrictive tier) - Boohoo!

I'm not even sure what this means. I shall carry on acting as if we're still in lockdown and then no one can tell me I'm getting it wrong. 

The vaccine

I suppose the next major decision in my life will be whether or not to have the vaccine - assuming that I'm offered one. I don't believe all these conspiracy theorists. I don't think for one minute that anyone will be planning to subdue us all and take over the world... or do I? NO! Joke! Truly I don't! What do you think? Will you agree to have the jab?

I've never liked having injections. I only agreed to have the flu jab this year because of the pandemic and it's only my second ever flu jab. The first time was when Rod was in the isolation unit after high dose chemo. My GP stuck the needle in my arm when I went to him about something else entirely. I've made it sound as if he accosted me. It wasn't quite like that but it wasn't what I was expecting to receive that morning at the surgery! 

Making music

I'd like to say that I'm using this stay-at-home time to tidy out drawers and cupboards and I have made a start... many times... but I keep getting distracted. The other week I was about to clear out some papers when I found an old piece of sheet music. I dived to the piano to see if I could still play it but sadly piano playing is not like riding a bike. (I can't actually ride a bike but you know what I mean) And so I am now revisiting all those old pieces that I learned for piano exams, the ones that I could play in my sleep, and I am endeavouring to relearn them. (Apologies to my neighbours if they're reading this.)

I didn't start learning the piano until I was in my forties. We were living a few doors away from a concert pianist. She took me to a piano shop, helped me to select a suitable piano (second-hand but still a much-loved possession) and she taught me for a number of years. I'll never be good enough to play in front of you but it is a satisfying hobby.

I still have my two guitars, an acoustic and a classical. I restrung my acoustic one a few months ago but I soon realised that arthritis in my shoulders means that I have to severely restrict this once-favourite pass time. It's a bummer getting old... if you'll pardon my language!

Right, I'm off to do my Fitness for Seniors class on YouTube. I'll fight this darned ageing process if it's the last thing I do!!


  1. I'll get the vaccine when offered, assuming it's been blessed by the higher beings (Dr. Fauci in the USA - he's our truth teller). I admire any music skills and would applaud your practices. Such fun. I'd sing along out of tune too! Take care and enjoy puttering. Clean out can wait.

    1. Hi Joanne, I do hope we all get offered the jab soon! Wouldn't it be great to meet up and enjoy a sing-along together - and we could both sing out of tune but that wouldn't make it any less fun!

  2. Such strange times we live in. We too are in Tier 3 and, if I were at all interested in mixing with other cafe goers(which I'm not), I only need to drive a few miles up the road.
    Piano playing - you have so many strings to your bow, if you'll pardon the pun.

    1. Hi Linda, I have no desire to drive miles for a sociable cafe/pub event either. I'd just like to have the family visit and hug them.
      'Strings to my bow' 😂 I do love puns!

  3. Ros, the vaccine is a good question. I'm still not sure. I believe that vaccines for all the previous pandemics are included in the annual flu jab, but then I've never had one of those either. Like you, I don't like having jabs unless it's putting others at risk if I don't. I suppose if they just added this one to the flu jab, no one would be any the wiser, would they? Well done for keeping up with your music. Playing for fun is just the best reason of all. That reminds me. I should get my mandolin out again.

    1. Hi Val, I had no idea that the flu jab was a pandemic cocktail. Maybe in future years it will include this strain.
      Mandolin! Wow! I'd love to play a mandolin... and we could duet. What kind of music could we play? I'm dreaming again. I don't even own one although I may pop along to ebay...

  4. Happy playing! Unfortunately, our piano has become unplayable and the last tuning didn't help.


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