Saturday 12 December 2020

Chanukah thoughts

It's already the third evening of Chanukah. I have three candles plus the lighter candle flickering away on the table but I'm feeling pensive. There are so many people who I miss - family, friends. It hurts to be separated from loved ones for so long. I know we have Zoom and it's great that Son has lit the candles with me this evening from over 100 miles away but I wish we could have hugged as well. 

Chanukah marks an entire year of Jewish festivals experienced without family and friends (So pleased that Daughter has moved round the corner - her hugs are keeping me sane.) But Chanukah should be a time to gather together, to laugh and sing and share lots of delicious fried food, especially sugary doughnuts. It's not quite the same making doughnuts just for us. (Ok, ok, so I've never actually made doughnuts but you get my drift.)

Who would have thought last Pesach that this madness would still be going on at Chanukah. What a year! But that doesn't stop me from wishing everyone who celebrates...

🕎  Chanukah Sameach 🕎