Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Three Free Things...

…or free free fings if said very quickly.

A few weeks ago I was meeting Daughter at St Pancras (our usual meeting point these days) and I stopped for a minute to watch people using the free pianos. There are three of them spaced out along the concourse and they all seem to be permanently in use.

That day a man was playing a lovely piece of music when a mother with a small child stopped to watch. The child’s mouth was open in amazement. The piano player invited the child to have a go. She touched the keys tentatively. Then he played Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. The expression on that child’s face was priceless. He may have created the start of a lifelong passion and all from a free piano.

It made me think about what other free facilities we have available to us these days. Yes, there are the parks, flower beds and occasional fountains but you can’t do anything other than look at those. I mean things to interact with. A few days later a walk on the local park with the Grandkids reminded me of two more free things.

Many local parks now have fitness equipment for use by anyone at any time. What a brilliant idea.

You may have noticed from the picture above that, although it was a lovely warm afternoon, the equipment was not actually being used. Never mind. It's there for when people fancy it. Maybe first thing in the morning there are queues for each item.

The third free thing was being so well used at the park that I couldn't take a photo for fear of upsetting people. That is the table tennis table. Yet another brilliant idea and one of these days I shall go down there with a table tennis ball and have a go. Anyone fancy a game?


  1. I've got a fairly wicked lefty slice. We can give it a go. I also tend to hit long too much. We'd have a good time! Free library is one of the best town benefits and I do see folks use it. I need to open my eyes and see what else is free around here. Good post

    1. Sadly our libraries are at risk of closure here. A wicked left slice sounds fun. Shame you're too far away for us to play.

  2. Hi Ros - wonderful story about the free piano ... the exercise park looks wonderful - maybe everyone's too engrossed in the football?! They'll need to work off their couch potato bods soon enough ...

    I must use our library more - it is in the middle of town and I'm about to move to the seafront - not far, but slightly further ... however free sea walks will be there and the free bus pass for the return journeys helps!

    But that piano story is wonderful .. cheers Hilary

    1. You're moving to the seafront, Hilary. I'm trying not to drool. How amazing and yes, looking at the sea is an amazing free thing to do.

  3. Oh yes, I've seen the piano at St Pancras! Or was it King's Cross? I can't quite remember, but it was lovely! And yes, aren't all these free facilities great!. I'm useless at anything with a bat and ball, so I'll pass on that one :)


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