Friday 7 August 2015

Fantasy In Leicester - Leah Osbourne

An August Blog Event - Leicester Writers

I did promise that Leicester was full of writers with diverse writing experiences. My August Leicester Writers feature now moves from John's music and crime, to Leah's fantasy world. I would explain more but Leah does it so much more eloquently so I shall hand straight over to her. Welcome to Leah Osbourne:

Writing fantasy isn’t for everybody, despite how much I love it. But what if I told you it’s possible to writer fantasy, without actually ‘writing fantasy’ and that you can be published while doing so?

Caladria is the world's first Indie Fiction Syndicate and home to a talented group of creative folk who love telling stories. We publish stories across all genres including romance, action/adventure, horror, mystery, crime comedy and drama. We've even commissioned an entire set of LGBT stories to release in the last quarter of 2015.

But what makes us different to any other magazine? All our stories take place on Caladria, an earth-style planet populated by all your traditional fantasy creatures (elves, dwarves, goblins, humans and dragons), where one tale may follow humans, while another paints dragons as the sympathetic good guys.

Our stories range from flash (500 words) up to four part serials (15,000 words) with a view to release novels and novellas in the near future. We are always on the lookout for new writing talent as we believe that collaborating with as many people as possible is a formula that lends itself to shared, wide-spread success.

If you're interested in what we do and would like to get involved, check out our site. There you can sign up and look around, interacting with staff and other fans. You could also visit our store and pick up one (or all) of our free publications, designed to showcase our site’s fantastic features, including the interactive map and time-sensitive wiki pages.

Writing fantasy isn't just about magic, sword fights, and beautiful damsels in distress. It's about real characters with problems to solve. Isn't that what all good fiction is about?


A bit about Leah: 'Leah has her hand in too many pies. That's why she has perpetually sticky fingers. Writing fantasy under the name Ileandra Young and erotica under the name Raven ShadowHawk (, Leah does her best to ensure folk are always confused about her actual name. When not writing, she revels in her geek-dom and plays RPGs, board games and card games, even leaving the house for an occasional LARP.'

There are a few slots left in my August Leicester Writers Blog Event. If you would like to be included then please drop me an email at rosalind.kathryn @ or message me.

Emma Lee will be my next Leicester Writer Visitor.