Tuesday 17 February 2015

The Chill of February...

...and the warmth of friendship

February is the bleakest time of the year. Today the sun is shining but it wasn't like that yesterday. Yesterday tree branches stretched across a mud-grey sky like witches talons. It was so desolate that I didn't notice the clumps of snowdrops with their promise of better weather to come. I photographed them today but, even though the sun had lifted my mood, the wind made me shiver, reminding me that we’ve more harsh weather to endure. This is a time for gathering friends around us. So I got to thinking about what a friend really means to me:

A friend is someone who you can chat with, even when there’s nothing special to talk about; someone who knows exactly what to say when you’re feeling down; someone who’s always there when you need a hug. That goes for virtual hugs too.

So thank you to all my friends, including my blogging friends, for being around through the bleak mid-winter. Here is that photograph which I took in the garden this lunchtime. Spring is on its way and Summer will be just around the corner. Keep warm.