Wednesday 11 February 2015

A Little Luxury

Every now and then it’s good to allow a little luxury into your life and that’s what we did yesterday. We had tea at Harrods in London's Knightsbridge. It was a gift from Daughter and it was great that she is now well enough to come with us.

Everything about Harrods oozes luxury. It is larger than life opulence, from the doormen greeting you on arrival, to the décor in the toilets; from the magnificent escalators and bronzed lifts, to the life-size, cuddly teddy bears. I want that brown bear and I want him now! He was so tall I couldn't even reach his head to cuddle him.

Our afternoon tea session began with a discussion on teas. A member of staff talked us through the tea selection and asked us each in turn which tea we would prefer. The tea arrived in silver pots and was served to us by a young and extremely attentive waiter.  He poured our tea into china cups with great care and kept reappearing to top us up as we sipped.

The food was artistically perfect. We had tiny crust-free sandwiches, scones served with a selection of preserves, including a rose petal jam, and clotted cream. This was followed by a trifle served in a dainty little pot and a variety of teeny cakes. 

I know that a lot of the items in Harrods are overpriced and that people are paying for the name. I know that some people think that shops like Harrods merely perpetuate the class divide and there are times when I’ve felt the same myself but not yesterday. Yesterday Harrods provided us with an extremely enjoyable afternoon. A big thank you to Daughter for the treat. It was brilliant.